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Thanks to the introduction of Instagram, photo sharing has been given a major social upgrade. More than 80 million users are using this particular tool Instagram to alter their photos using all kinds of special effects and filters before sharing them with friends and family on social networks.

Even businesses can cash on this type of social media in promoting their company and build up a following for themselves. Posting pictures that are a visual treat and posting pictures of employees makes you closer to the customers. This helps in building brand loyalty.

If used correctly, Instagram helps immensely in marketing purposes. Here are a few examples of how businesses can benefit from using Instagram.


This is one of Instagram’s latest update. With this users can tag a specific location with their image which is saved to a personal photo map. This image along with the tag can be shared with everyone on social media.

This can be used by businesses to pin point their exact location. If you are setting up a booth in a fair, you can tag your booth and post pictures so that people know where you can be located. This is also helpful in providing locations of your stores if you have more than one with the same name.

A Look Inside

Social media means sharing. Your customers and followers are giving you a chance to reach them on a personal level. So your business would benefit greatly if you reciprocate. Some ideas would be to take pictures of your staff in office, some achievements, pictures of upcoming products, etc. these will make the customers feel thay are a part of the brand and will create a sense of loyalty.

Hashtags Usage

Best example for Hashtags is Twitter. If you use Twitter you know how useful hashtags can be in sharing. Same can be used on Instagram photos. Using hashtags that are related to your business will make it easy for customers to find you. Hashtags can be simple words that customers use in everyday search. It is always better to look up popular hashtags that are used by similar brands and add them to your images.

Encouraging User Images

This is a brilliant way to promote brand loyalty. You can encourage users to take pictures of themselves while using your product and tag them to your hashtags. This will show other users how to use the product and also promote brand loyalty and show how happy customers are with the company and products.

Marketing Events

If you are going to be a part of a trade show or any convention, take pictures and tag your location. This way people will know your whereabouts and what’s going on with your business. If you are planning a sale, take snapshots of the flyers and post them for your customers to see online. You can offer special discount only to Instagram users to make your followers feel more special.

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