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Digital Marketing Consultant can help you generate more leads and revenue.

Marketing”-probably never there has been such emphasis on letting oneself known by the commoner strata. Marketing is now a very fluid concept to a self-employed individual or business.

Media in one word propels a platform for successfully implementing strategic marketing plans and these days “Social Media” is the new grazing grounds that have taken marketing to a whole new level, and here I am to talk to you about my relevance to your business if you are looking for initiatives on Digital and Social media.

I am Kiran Voleti, founder of Internet Marketing Company, and I am here to share my experiences with you to find the best use of social media. In other words, I am a social media consultant with experience and demonstrated results.

“Social Media” – In a nutshell, it means using social media such as blogs, community sites, video sharing sites, etc. to market a product or business. In today’s world, social networking is extremely successful, and social media marketing is critical to a business because of the sheer number of people that access these sites regularly. Certain popular websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, which have more than five million visitors every day are considered to be an important hub for marketing. As an avid self-learner, I explored ways to market online, and it led me to launch an exclusive website for social media marketing called This agency has now found its way into Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing,iPhone App Marketing, consultant, Facebook Marketing & Twitter Marketing.

As a consultant, I always try and do some research on the emerging trends of marketing in online businesses, identify the most potential social communities at that time, like say internet forums, social blogs, and podcasts and have my clients market their business on such platforms.

Many of these social media services can be integrated via social network aggregation platforms.

Digital Marketing Audits

To build and position a brand online is not a simple task that can’t be done in a day. It requires the best strategies and combined efforts and may take some months to do so. Once you had positioned your site online, it is not sufficient to reach your goals because just positioning at somewhere is not sufficient as it requires the top places. So, auditing the digital marketing strategy at regular intervals of time and different metrics should be there to consider for the digital marketing audits.

The strategic plan and the conversion rates pay an important metric role in the digital marketing audits across the web. You must have good SERP rankings and traffic and have to track the things and ranking across the different search engines. The digital marketing audit consists of several components like SEO audit, Social media audits, etc. The search engine rankings are essential to get good exposure across the web, so the SEO audit is important to enhance the search engine rankings with an efficient content marketing strategy.

Different Digital marketing audit services

  • On page SEO audits which are involved in checking of the crawls of websites, keyword planning along with the optimization of the pages. Checking the URL structure that helps your SEO. Fixing of the broken links and optimization of the codes and speeding up the page loading time.
  • Off page SEO, auditing services included with the analysis of the backlinks and the strategies.
  • SEM audits and paid advertising includes utilization of tools and PPC campaigns designing and implementation etc.
  • Content marketing auditing services
  • Social media auditing services and much more.

I help Brands/Companies/Startups to grow their revenue through my Digital Marketing Strategies and Consulting.

Digital Marketing Consultancy for Businesses & Startups

Searching and finding the right consultant for the digital marketing needs is not as easy as well as not so difficult today if you have some little basic knowledge about the digital marketing today. Startups need better digital marketing infrastructure to withstand the competition in the present digital market online.

Digital marketing is critical for businesses to stay out from the crowded companies online. The digital marketing consultancy can help you to reach your goals in sales and marketing online.

I am having years of experience in dealing with the digital marketing services for the new start-ups and businesses online. It offers a wide range of services which was included with the WordPress development, website developments, and promotional procedures by the experts in different relevant fields.

Digital marketing consultancy helps the businesses to build a well-optimized website and mobile-optimized services on their behalf and helps them to get identified at the top results in search engines.

Services for Businesses and Startups:-

• Web development – services including the WordPress and other developments for the business

• Website optimization services – website optimization services can boost your website presence across the web.

• Search engine optimization services – SEO services can boost your reputation and rankings on search engine results and helps you to get a good identity.

• Social media optimization and social media management

• Branding

• Promotion of the company products

• Support to online video advertising and optimization

• Video creation and SEO audits

• Live video advertising and marketing and much more…

What I can do for your Business or Brand

  • Website or Product Auditing
  • Branding and Design Guidance
  • Digital Marketing Performance Audit
  • Designing New Product Sales Road map and make it generate sales through online using Digital Marketing Strategies.
  • Digital Advertising Consulting
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Social Media Marketing and Creating a strategy for your Business.
  • Generating Traffic to your Blog or Website
  • Lead Generation Strategy Implementations to generate B2B Sales leads.
  • Implementation and Consulting for marketing automation campaigns through popular CRM Platforms.

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