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10 Best WordPress Plugins For Content Marketing

10 Best WordPress Plugins For Content Marketing

Nowaday’s marketers are using content marketing tremendously to make their business victorious. To get strategically planning and development in content marketing Word press plugins stands the first place. WordPress plugins will increase the growth rate and sales of the business easily. There are 10 top plugins available for content marketing with WordPress.


• One of the best recommended social sharing button plugins is Digg Digg. This will allow you to place your social icons where ever you would love to.

• Digg plugin can be used to retweet and for reuse.

2. Edit Flow:

• In this, we have a plugin called Editorial Calendar that has drag and drop options for eye–cache vision.

• Edit Flow plugin that allows your workflow modernized in content marketing.

• It has the functionality and modules like calendars, editorial metadata, and notifications.

3. SumoMe:

• SumopMe has a pack of plugins for content marketing.

• They are Content Analytics to know how many people are reading your content.

• Image shared plugin uses for placing social media buttons on images.

4. Subscriber pro: 

• Ever marketer focus in building emails in content marketing.

• WordPress Subscriber Pro is one of the important plugins has attractive designs, toolkits, and pop-up previews.

5. OptinMonster: 

• This monster allows the builder to create responsive designs and it’s easy to use.

• It targets some specific pages and calculates the behavior of the user that can easily measure the growth rate.

6. Thrive Leads: 

• This Thrive leads mainly concentrates on email subscription that will measure the huge growth rate.

• This plugin provides predefined tools that will increase look of your site with customized options

• Here if you’re focusing on content marketing hosting services this plugin improves users conversations.

7. Bloom: 

• Blooms are the completely responsive plugin that gives responsive designs and customized options to place.

• This plugin mainly used in the mobile phones and sites.

• Blooms have triggered properties that convert most of the users to convert as subscribers.

8. Custom Notifications:

• If you want to promote anything with content use should use Custom Notification bar plugin in content marketing,

• It is completely My theme shop that has different functions like social sharing, emails and offers notifications it includes HTML support also.

9. Zedity:

• Zodity is a multimedia plugin is easy to create posts for bloggers in content marketing.

• This plug allows editors friendly, simplify and shifty way of content in your site.

10. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin(YARPP): 

• This plugin stops to allow the users negative posts in your blog.

• YARPP is placed some thumbnails end of your posts to secure your content.

• If you are installing WordPress themes this plugin is highly recommended.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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