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10 Things to Consider before Launching your New Website

The website looks easy to manage and maintain but not in implementation because there are several things to consider while designing and launching a website for a company or for an individual online. Web sites are main places that can add your presence across the web in the best way. But many of you may forget about a lot of things that are essential for the website launching. Here are some things to remember while you are planning and launching your website online.

1. Content

Content plays a major role in the website building. So review your already prepared content for your website. The page content is very important one along with the premium content. Rich media like images and videos are the great way to go. The spelling and grammar checks must be essential along with the formatting and compatibility with the multiple devices must be checked thoroughly.

2. Designing of website

Website designing plays a great role in which it must contain good responsive designing which must be compatible with several devices. It must be compatible with all browsers too.

3. Functioning 

 The website must contain all features from the social sharing options to CRM integration and must work on with technology with flawless working.

4. Links

 The internal links and external links working must be checked thoroughly

5. Social sharing  

Must check the social sharing icons working and feeds working

6. Logo

 Logo designing is a must and it must be in a creative way and it is your identity across the web.

7. Blog connectivity

 Connects the blog with the website and validates your HTML and CSS in a proper way.

8. SEO 

SEO can boost various things;. When comes to the website the site architecture and the hierarchy towards the metadata and the sitemaps. Metadata must be optimized on the website which can boost the search engines.

9. Tags and URLS

 The tags and URLs must reflect the site information and they must be relevant and easy to notice3.

10. Keywords

 Keyword optimization and utilization is a part of SEO and it must be managed to increase your site exposure. So, check all these things before launching your new website online.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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