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10 Ways to use Whatsapp Marketing Strategies

1. Whatsapp for customer support –

utilize WhatsApp for the customer communication which can generate more than 39 percent more engagement. Many people didn’t like the unknown calls for some marketing but respond in their free time when comes to personal messages. So, utilize the application for the communication purpose.

2. Customer Support –

as marketing has changed majorly from PC to mobile browsers, the support to the customer is also can be done through WhatsApp rather than calling to chat support box.

3. Team communication –

you can communicate with the team member in marketing internally using the WhatsApp to discuss privately in a team for implementation of a further process. It is a good communication tool.

4. Promotion –

Marketers already experimented the marketing and promotion of the products using the WhatsApp application and got successful. It is not for spamming the people with the promotional messages but, to connect with the loyal customers to your company.

5. As a booking platform –

make WhatsApp as shopping platform by displaying the concerned product images that are requested by the buyer.

6. Research –

it is the cheapest and most effective platform to reach the customers online. You can communicate with the customers and other people by providing your brand information and also can know their taste and what people exactly like from your brand.

7. Video marketing –

promote your brand video content and relevant content about your products and share it the phone book on WhatsApp. It helps you to grab good attention from the people

8. Image marketing –

create your brand related photos and infographic charts about your products and share them.

9. Conduct Q&A as a part of research –

engage the audience with question and answer section in a creative so as to know their interests.

10. Discount coupons –

create attractive seasonal and off season discounts as coupons for your loyal customers and send the coupons to them.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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