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11 Best Free WordPress Plugins For E-commerce

11 Best Free WordPress Plugins For E-commerce

Previously bloggers use WordPress for creating blogs but now it has been using for OpenCart and E-commerce sites. Transforming an ordinary WordPress site to powerful E-commerce site WordPress plugins play an important role. If you are planning to build an E-commerce site with WordPress themes you should be crazy selecting the plugins. Here we have some free WordPress plugins for digital shop.

1. WooCommerce:

  • WooCommerce is the best and popular eCommerce plugin that millions of people are using.
  • Using this plugin you can sell anything, anywhere no matter it is virtual goods or digital products.
  • It allows features like payment gateway and all type of cards. Suitable for any type of e-commerce sites, mobile friendly and customizable.

2. JigoShop Plugin:

  • If you are willing to host an e-commerce site Jigoshop plugin it essential to integrate.
  • It allows you grouped features customer can easily refine their products and for multiple payment options.
  • It is easily downloadable and mobile friendly.

3. eShop plugin:

  • Easily accessible WordPress plugin is the eShop plugin.
  • Listing of products it provides various methods, simple interface for quick browsing and purchase.

4. Cart 66 Lite:

  • It is highly efficient , lightweight and secure WordPress plugin for creation Ecommerce sites.
  • Compared to other plugins it is powerful and easy to use globally recognizable marketing.
  • It allows various currency with multiple payment gateway options.

5. Ecwid plugin:

  • This plugin is mainly designed and developed for smartphone users and is easy to use with extraordinary features.
  • Using this platform you build your own business either digital products or real items and run your online store with zero cost.

6. WP eCommerce:

  • The second most used WordPress e-commerce plugin and it has unique functionality.
  • It will domestically increase you online store business rate.
  • It helps to customize your own way of HTML and CSS and compatible with WordPress plugins and themes.

7. Market Press:

  • It supports all major payment gateway options and fully compatible with all other sites.
  • Provides discounts, offer coupons with multiple shipping options.
  • The market press has elegant WordPress themes without touching a single line of code that makes you site looks great.

8. X-Cart integration:

  • X-Cart is a PHP based shopping cart for all types of businesses to open no of online stores.
  • For the start of medium and small businesses X-cart give free facility with painless easily.
  • First, you should establish your eCommerce site in X-cart website and then integrate your X-cart plugging in your online store.

9. Easy Digital Downloads:

  • Easy digital downloads are the powerful way to sell your digital goods with the powerful reporting system.
  • It is developers friendly and is developed based on the mind of developers standard and developers can only easily change.
  • You can easily sell your digital products with this plugin, and it has various types of plugins to install.

10. iThemes Exchange:

  • To built payment gateways we use Strips that are used in iThemes exchange and to full fill specific needs there are several iThemes available.
  • It’s become easy to add Add-ons to support extra features.
  • It has extra product functions and customs management.

11. YAK Shipping Cart plugin:

  • Here if you post your product in weblog entities that product ID becomes product code that makes you can easily categorize your products easily.
  • You can configure your shipping options easily and provides custom gateway options.


Most of the Web designers spend their lots of time by searching the right plugins for their eCommerce site. Here we have listed best free plugins available for Ecommerce sites.
WooCommerce is the best plugin for the Ecommerce stores.Easy Digital Download is one the best plugin for selling their products digitally.

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