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40 Ways to Promote Your next Mobile App

The Global mobile application market is huge. There are millions of Apps on Google PlatStore and Apple AppStore. It’s purely competitive market and App developers and brands are struggling to get installs because of this huge Apps. Here are the best ways to Promote Your next Mobile App

  • Create an Interactive website for your app with Download Links and video demos
  • Important : App website should be Responsive with deep linking implemented
  • Create an Eye Catching App Icons and Posters for promotion
  • App title & keywords are important to keep focus on these
  • Your App Screenshots tells the initial story so create best App Screenshots for promotions
  • Build a blog for your App target audience and start creating content marketing
  • Make it ready your App Press Kit for promotion and marketing
  • Design an App Promotion focussed Facebook page,Twitter Profile,Google+,LinkedIn profile and Instagram account
  • Get Initial reviews of your app from your friend circle
  • Work on App Store Optimization
  • Create an App Demo Video and start promoting it through Social Media and especially on YouTube.
  • Promote your App on Social Platforms and communities
  • Start contacting Influencer Blogger to Review your App
  • Make your App Free in the initial Stages
  • Ask for reviews and ratings as many as possible
  • Run an App Contest
  • Response to Negative comments
  • Respond to user reviews and start updating your App bugs accordingly
  • Reach Out To Influencers which related to your App Industry
  • Start using Email Marketing to promote your App
  • Start working on Multiple Alternative App Stores
  • Apply for App Awards by maintaining their guidelines
  • Get Featured on as many App review websites as possible
  • Start promote your App through a Promo Codes
  • Place your App Link as your Email Signature
  • Promote your App using Download QR Codes
  • Start promoting on Linkedin , Facebook Groups
  • Integrate Social Sharing and promotion in your In-App
  • Use Facebook App Install Ads
  • Use Google Universal App Install Campaigns
  • Do Press releases about your App
  • Submit to Product Hunt and get featured
  • Tell a story about your App in
  • Use Stumbleupon paid discovery
  • Cross promote your own apps with other Apps
  • Avoid PPC and Banner Ads
  • Start a podcast and promote App
  • Create How Videos for your App and start promoting it
  • Use WhatsApp for initial promotion and traction
  • Update your App Frequently with new features to gain traction

Follow these App promotion ways and start generating revenues.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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