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10 B2B Marketing Trends you should know

10 B2B Marketing Trends You Should Know

B2B marketing generally focuses on the way of approaching the customers with the product marketing strategies and changes accordingly with the way of consumer behavior towards the purchasing of their products. The B2B marketing trends can help the companies to go with the good approach and be successful. The advertising approaches have changed and updated depending upon the trends which must be followed by the marketers to get the expected outcome. B2B marketers are facing great problems with the Ad-blocking and the fraud with BOTS. Here are some important B2B trends that are helpful to the marketers.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is not all obsolete as it works well with B2B strategies to reach the best outcome. It is definitely on the list of trends even in the year 2017. Email marketing is a clear trend as it is more effective for B2B companies. According to the recent research reports, it is revealed that more than 68 percent people are reading their emails on mobile devices. Mobile friendly email creation with fast loading time is the main point that every marketer must remember in their email marketing. Automation has already created ease in email campaigning.

Content management

Marketing with the content for the distribution of valuable information with the short video clips is more effective and the continuous trend in B2B marketing. Video content marketing budgets will go higher as it is more engaging for B2B companies. Google was almost successful fighting against the black hat SEO by updating its search algorithms time to time. This is the biggest challenge for the companies to get good rankings for the content. So need to focus on content quality and relevancy to get on with the content marketing trend.


More than 60 percent marketers are increased their spending on SEO and companies have more than 98 percent inbound links. SEO targeting video links and video optimization for mobile will continue its pace in B2B strategy.

Automation of marketing 

Marketers have to invest in upgrading and innovating the marketing practices to grab better conversion of sales leads. Apps are going wells they can provide quick services and connect directly with the potential buyers online.

Better customer experience

Companies must focus on the buying experience by going towards the customer point of view. Referral marketing is also playing a great role to obtain better results.

Practicing of Advocacy marketing

The customer advocacy marketing helps the marketers to build the best relation with the clients by increasing the engagement with the social media.

Enabling better sales

The service oriented B2B firms support the business development and the activities of sales. By enabling the sales in order to ensure the business developer basing on the industry must have good knowledge of buyer insights and predictive analytics.

App –marketing

Find new ways in the incorporation of the apps as a part of the marketing strategy. Marketing and providing services with the apps can ensure better marketing with interactive designing.

Live streaming

Live streaming will continue as a new trend with great changes accordingly for B2B marketing goal. So video blogging can become the more prominent trend for B2B marketers today and Podcasts also play a better role in reaching the things with B2B marketing.

Ad blocking and Bot frauds

More than half of the ads are blocked due to ad blocking as people are annoyed with some type of ads. So it may continue and grow which may cause disruption. So, one must be ready with the best ads that can raise interest in the audience which can prevent the ad blocking by the people.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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