What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing The medium through which the products, services or tools being purchased or exchanged in the form of marketing strategy by using the online services especially on digital devices like mobiles and computers is termed as digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The capability of showing the ultimate performance by the website or web […]

Facebook Advertising Strategy for an eCommerce Startup

Startups in the initial stages have very limited resources. Sometimes there is only enough money to spend on things that are essential for the survival of the company. Then, where is the money to promote and advertise the product or service? The marketing strategy for startups must not be very expensive but should be effective […]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising for Local Businesses

Local businesses usually opt for print ads to promote their business but there is a cost effective way to promote the business and it is online advertising. People do use Google, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms for business promotion. The marketing may not get desired results for some businesses. Here, let us know how to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising plays a great role in advertising ecosystem. The social media is the best medium to reach the people with the message you want to deliver. Advertisers are also focusing on different social media platform to reach their targeted audience across multiple platforms. Many companies are already reaping benefits of social media advertising. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook messenger platform was connected more than 900 million people across the globe on messenger. Recently the platforms have introduced the Facebook messenger bots for the Facebook users. The messenger platform was not just a chatting application and it is providing a perfect ecosystem for the communication within the application. What are Facebook messenger bots? […]