Firebase Analytics for Mobile App Engagement Tracking

At Google I/O , Google launched Firebase Analytics, an analytics platform specially designed for mobile app developers. Google’s Firebase provide full support for both mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, mobile app developers no need to check stats and analytics from two different programs for multiple platforms of a mobile app. It is free […]

Snapchat Tricks & Secrets by Snapchat Professional User

Snapchat is very popular among young generation users, some of them passing hours and hours nowadays. These Snapchat Hacks video grabbed us in our YouTube feed and it becomes very popular hacks with very interesting. YouTuber Victoria Samson explained Snapchat hacks perfectly in these videos for the Snapchat generation.A 15-Year-old Victoria explains a lot of […]

Predictive Analytics for Digital Marketing

Predictive analytics that uses big data become very cost-effective and simple to use. A lot of SaaS platforms can do big data available to medium and small businesses via the online without any headache of managing huge servers and software. Businesses with small budgets can easily adapt highly efficient predictive analytics and reporting. These Predictive […]