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Competitive Intelligence Consultant

Technology is meeting new ends making the world work faster and more efficiently in every aspect. Competition has grown in which people want to grab opportunities and update themselves on the digital field. Competitive intelligence paves the way for knowing the competitor in related fields and creating a strategy to take the lead in the business.

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Competitive Intelligence Consulting

The arena of digital marketing today is engulfed with stiff competition. Be it search engine optimization, i.e., SEO or social media optimization, i.e., SMO, almost all businesses, big and small, are gradually making their entries into this digital game. It is not a question anymore that how many brands and companies are engaging themselves in this digital marketing game.

Still, the real question lies on which tactics they are relying on and how much amount of money these businesses are investing in their course of digital marketing.

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Creating an edge and carving a niche is more robust than it was ever before, and this exercise of digital marketing has never been as challenging as it is now with so much competition around.

It is now must to know about the digital marketing exercises your competitors are taking up to be one stay ahead of them. The stack of competitors that you have is a sort of treasure trove of out-of-the-box ideas and innovative digital marketing tactics.

You can make use of these to optimize your ad copies, to find new sales channels, to augment your business revenue, and to reduce your costs of customer acquisition.

The Intelligent Intervention of Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence involves knowing the other outer prevailing forces, which influence your business marketing. These can be to look up the latest press releases published by your direct competitors and check out their social media profiles/accounts for understanding the issues faced by their clients & customer so that you can be proactive in finding ways to meet these needs first and troubleshoot your business’ problem points much before they surface.

To cut a long story short, competitive intelligence implies to gain knowledge about the forces prevailing outside your business to have a competitive advantage in your said field. You can avail of my new competitive intelligence services.

How Does Competitive Intelligence Grow Your Business?

Competitive intelligence improves the performance of your business. Here’s how

  • Reduces costs
  • Amplifies sales
  • Expands your organization’s agility
  • Captures opportunities for alliances
  • Suppresses competitors’ sales & profits
  • Discovers profitable acquisition prospects
  • Augments self-protective business strategies
  • Leverages outsmarting performance blockades

Competitive Intelligence for Business Growth

As a part of your digital marketing exercise, you can use competitive intelligence to prepare for new campaigns in a better way by using the experiences of your business competitors, studying how their audience has responded to their marketing campaigns and comparing them to your own for creating more effective digital ads.

Go one step further & beyond! Search for the data about advertisers & publishers in the online market, and also find out the vendors used by your competitors. Thus, formulate a more broad definition of your competition by looking at their targeted audience and seeing their potential conversions.

Always remember that your game is much larger than you perceive; it is not that small circle in your niche; it is much bigger than that!

Your competition is any business or brand, no matter it is big or small, which has the potential to take your target audience or your potential customers away from you! This is how you use competitive intelligence for business growth.

Stages of Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence involves a series of calculated actions or steps to gather & analyze data about your business rivals/competitors, their clients/customers, and their targeted audience. Following are the steps or stages of competitive intelligence:

Market Insights & Strategic Planning

This step of market insights & strategic planning is regarded as the engagement of the management, and deciding which information is needed, to let the competitive intelligence person determine the direction to be pursued to complete the said task efficaciously.


Counter-intelligence is a method to secure business secrecies, confidential plans, secret techniques, programs as well as projects to ward-off any adversaries.

Counterintelligence means to protect your company’s secrets. As you may be fascinated to know your competitors’ secret plans, they also might be having the same intent to know about your secret plans, so it is essential to secure your confidential info from them.

Continuous Intelligence Collection

This step or stage of continuous intelligence collection marks the assemblage of raw data & info for intelligence purposes. The source(s) of this info thus used are the ones that are handy in the public domains. This implies that it is you know where to find this information, you can easily access it.

This is the aspect that makes CI or competitive intelligence, legal and ethical. Some of these readily available sources in the public domain are the online databases, e-books, broadcasts, businesses’ annual reports, periodicals, and management speeches, etc.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the core stage; here, distinctive pieces of data & info get transformed into actionable intelligence. Competitor analysis is considered as the toughest aspect of this entire intelligence cycle.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence highpoints the acquiring of data and making the interpretation of that information relating to the geopolitical issues, marketing trends, and regulations in the firm’s market.

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence is the procedure undertaken by an organization or a corporation for gauging their business’ commercial appeal.

In my commercial due diligence practice, I do the analysis of your potential target market environment as well as your competitive position and the full impact of this on your targeted business plan(s).

Market & Media Intelligence

Market & media intelligence does use of data mining activities and data science exercises or analyzing social, public, and editorial media content.

This mentions those marketing systems, which synthesize numerous online communications and conversations to find appropriate and relevant info.

This helps in allowing the firm to measure as well as manage their content performance, understand the marketing trends, and drive their communication channels and business strategies.

Knowing about Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the technological methodology to identify, analyze, research, and know the competitive fields related to the business, and to come up with an original formula to overcome the present trends in technology.

Most probably, it is being misunderstood with the industrial espionage process, but competitive intelligence is purely legal, and it comes under corporate standards.

I am an experienced in competitive intelligence and can consult you with the best options to give a competitive lead in your business.

Market and Competitive Intelligence Solutions

Competitive intelligence works out fine with the help of market analysis and in-depth research. It involves many processes including the prediction and trend-setting analysis;

Research to spot and capture the business opportunities by attractive and catchy marketing, Real-time monitoring capabilities which would help to eliminate and uproot the disruptors in business, Leader in the creation of trend and maintaining trend-sets, and finally help to manage the workflow and quicker decision-making process.

The prediction process is the initial step where the market trends are well analyzed and researched in various fields in the digital media, and predictions are being ranked based on your products.

Such ranking will help to push the product on a priority basis. After fixing the strategy, real-time monitoring will help in identifying the necessary ad consistent areas to repair the product lines.

I am an experienced Competitive Intelligence Consultant; I am well-versed in analyzing the market trends based on competitive intelligence, and recommend solutions to improve your product sales in the digital field.

Successful Competitive Intelligence Process

The implementation of the idea is an essential part of getting the desired outcome. Competitive intelligence is the prime process to enrich your digital marketing, but the process needs to be done accordingly for expected results. There are specific steps to implement the process successfully. The most apparent stages of the process are as follows:

Identifying Target and Knowing Your Competitors:

Firstly, you should know your business target before starting any business. After analyzing your goal, you can sort out the top competitors in your field of operation and use the competitive intelligence to identify the processes used by them, thereby bringing in some new updation in the underlying process.

Focusing on the Key Areas:

In a business undertaking, there are specific areas where you are interested in. For instance, if you are taking the digital advertising business, there are various forms of digital advertising.

But you may be interested in contextual advertising. You have to sort out the marketing strategies needed to excel your client in that form of advertising, by analyzing the content, knowing the trend, and using the marketing strategy, etc.

Analysis and Communication:

After finding out the target area, there is a need to analyze the data drawn from the competitive intelligence strategy, sieve the necessary information regarding the business form, communicate with the client and negotiate for the most reliable data to narrow the target area and push the results accordingly to achieve the targeted marketing approach.

I am an expert in the above process and create a greater reach for your business using the competitive intelligence process.

You Got to Do Competitor Intelligence Research

The research to be done on your competitors should be comprehensive and extensive while it comes to expanding your business. The competitive intelligence research should be done on all business-related online activities such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, the patent forms, and related inventions that the particular company had done online, the status of their current project through their clients’ websites, etc.

Also, it is most important to research the competitor’s website now and then to ensure the stability of the company, the clients that they have, new clients being acquired by the competitive companies, reasons for buying the clients into the business, and finally, the attractive factor behind the competitor, etc.

Competitor intelligence has a specific limit of operation, after which it may be called as a data breach. I can analyze the competitor‘s target area, and recommend some valuable tasks and possibilities to improve your business.

You can avail of my services right away!

The New Sunrise: Competitive Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing using competitive intelligence is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote the product. Competitive intelligence is similar to Big Data when it comes to gathering information, where the former is more efficient in sieving the necessary data while it comes to creating strategy.

Moreover, competitive intelligence is the extracted form of Big Data. In that sense, digital marketing can be analyzed easily using a competitive intelligence process.

CI Tools and Services That Help in Digital Marketing

There are a variety of CI tools and services that can help in digital marketing. Some of them include

Google Alerts:

This Google product notifies you when your marked competitor puts any podcast relating to your targeted product or releases any new product online.

Social Feeds:

This is related to the social marketing field where your competitor puts any feed on social media; you will get a notification on their activity. This is so simple and easy to follow. Just click the follow button on your competitor page, and it is done.

There are various other tools than this, but this is considered as the most reliable yet efficient tool to identify the activities of your competitor online.

Professionally, there are other tools like Business marketing strategy analysis tools that need subscription and payment to be done annually to keep track of your competitor’s digital branding strategies.


To conclude, competitive intelligence is considered as the future opportunity targeting material to identify the real competitor in the business, thereby paving the way for the improvement and development of the company. I provide the best services when it comes to competitive intelligence, and consult you wise areas to focus on to improve your business.

Competitive intelligence is a must for the growth of any business in the online world today. I am a competitive intelligence consultant; you can avail of my exceptional services to scale your business to newer heights.

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What is the meaning of Competitive Intelligence?

It is the process of analyzing, gathering, and using the information of competitors and customers by using effective marketing measures that let the business be in a competitive edge.

What is the purpose of Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive intelligence helps businesses to make decisions depending on the performance of competitors and what demanded in the market.

Who uses Competitive Intelligence?

The advanced digital technology is enabling the businesses from small scale to large scale to use competitive intelligence.

How do you gather Competitive Intelligence?

Analyze the competitor websites, Media mentions, reviews, threads, content, and social media, etc. to gather competitive intelligence.

What are the sources of competitive intelligence?

Competitor websites, premium databases, primary research, patent databases, social media, analytical reports, etc. are competitive intelligence sources.

What is Competitive Intelligence in Marketing?

In marketing, it is the term used to find consumer behavior, competitor performance, and target audience, etc. through the analysis of collected data from different sources.

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