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Digital Marketing Glossary

Digital Marketing Glossary

Digital Marketing is a powerful way to reach the audience across the globe through online digital marketing practices. The digital marketing has developed and expanded its branches to increase the reach.

Several companies had successful stories with the digital marketing. The world of marketing has already turned towards the digital ways to explore the online web world. New technologies are developing for the future digital marketing standards and will continue from generations to generations with new accomplishments in a digital era.

Digital marketing Glossary

A — AdWords

Adwords are powered by the PPC advertising that allows the marketers to target the people on search results. The ads can have appeared in organic searches which can be displayed above and right side of the page.

B — Banner Ads

The Banner ads are also called as Display ads which are used in the digital marketing as an advertising practice. The ads are in the form of images that advertisers place these ads on publishers site to attract the targeted audience efficiently.


Click through rates are commonly seen in the digital marketing ecosystem. Click through rates means the percentage of the audience targeted by the marketer’s  ad and clicked on a particular link that is provided in the ad. Those clicks can be measured as CTR.

D – Digital Marketing channels

Affiliate marketing, Display advertising, social media marketing etc are the channels of the digital marketing. There are multiple channels of the digital marketing where an advertiser can target by practicing the techniques related to the digital marketing to reach their targeted audience. Different channels need different digital marketing practices and strategies with an efficient and effective implementation.

E – Email marketing 

Email marketing is also one of the forms of digital marketing which is one of the best ways to reach the consumers with low cost. It is the way to communicate with the people through email campaigns by including the media ad clickable links in the email to promote the business.

F – Facebook advertising

Facebook video advertising is also considered to be part of digital advertising today which comes under the channel social media marketing. The Facebook platform had provided great tools for the publishers and marketers to reach the audience across the platform with autoplay video ads, carousel video ads etc.

G – Geo-targeting

The geographical targeting has become the most powerful way to reach the people located in the particular area which is offered by the Google, Twitter and many other platforms to target the people depending upon the place they are living in.

H – Hashtag

Hashtag marketing is the most connective type of marketing that is generally seen on Twitter, Facebook and even on Instagram platforms too. The hashtags generally used to describe the post or event or particular happenings. It helps the marketers to measure the success of their campaigns.

I – Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become the emerging trend in digital marketing era. The people who have well fan base and following along with the ability to influence the people to make purchase decisions are considering as influencers. Marketers are catching these influencers online on several platforms and performing their marketing activities and product promotions through influencer marketing strategies.

J – JavaScript

JavaScript plays a great role in the creation of interactive websites which plays a great role in e-commerce digital marketing today.

K – Keywords

Keywords play an important role in SEO and digital marketing today. The efficient keywords placement is the key to boosting the rankings on search engine results and increase the visibility across the web.

L – Link building

Link building is one of the processes of building the inbound links to a website to increase the search engine rankings.

M – Meta tags

Meta tags are the most important elements in the marketing plan. The Meta tags are used to describe the information about the web page.

N – News feed

The news feed is generally seen on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. These news feeds are generally targeted by the marketers by constructing their own social profiles across the platforms.

O – Organic search

The organic search is an unpaid entry in the search engine result and it is base upon the content relevancy according to the keyword queries.

P – Paid content

The content that is promoted by marketer by any paid means using the ads on different platforms.

Q – Question and answer interaction

Question and answer type of tutorials in a video can help the audience to know about specific company and services. It is one of the best ways of marketing practice.

R – Retargeting

Retargeting is the process that is driven by the web browser cookies that enable the marketers to promote the digital message to the people who had visited the marketer’s site or business location.


Search engine optimization is the best practice in digital marketing plan which promotes the campaign and adds value to the advertiser’s efforts to reach the people and to drive the rankings.

T – Trends

Digital marketing trends are the new ways of approaching the people with different techniques and practices which are considered as Trends.

U — Unique content

Content quality is very important to implement an effective digital marketing content strategy. Unique content with good quality plays a great role in search rankings.

V – Video marketing

Different types of video formats that are compatible with the mobile devices and other multiple devices can be utilized in the video advertising to reach the people with device targeting. The video marketing is the most powerful in digital marketing today as more people are watching video these days. There different types of video ads and tools to go with for effective video marketing.

W – Website optimization

Web designing and optimization are very important for e-commerce digital marketing. The optimization of the page, layout, designs and several other components are the best way to reach the audience.

X – XML sitemap

The XML sitemap is created in the XML language which is submitted using the Google webmaster tools to the search engine.

Y – Youtube

YouTube is the top destination for the digital video marketing as it has more than two billion hours of video content. Youtube offers various ads like skippable, unskippable and shoppable ads for the advertisers and as well as marketers to reach the audience.

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