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Forensic SEO Audit Consultant

The Forensic SEO audit helps you providing the in-depth analysis insights of your website performance on the search engine. It also involves the search rank dropping or penalty either manual or automated from Google and Bing.

Forensic SEO audit can best fit to find the reasons to happen that and also fetch the next steps to reduce the damage to your website or business brand.

The forensic SEO audit can support you in providing the competitor insights, and you can analyze which measures can help you overcome your competitor’s challenge.
Moreover, you can understand the reasons to have fewer sales, conversions, and traffic.

Inconsistent and incorrect methods in removing the penalty or traffic recovery can have long term issues that are more difficult to solve. I will use the best practices to make business scenarios simple and help you recover from those issues within a few hours.

Our forensic SEO audit consulting team will support you find the performance of your website where it is working well and where not. I will make your business website rank well on search engines.

Forensic SEO Audit Consulting Services

The end products delivered by forensic SEO audit consulting:

Marketing and Branding Conditions:

It can be used to analyze the title tags, trustworthiness, site links, competitor keywords, headline tags, web analytics that includes Google analytics audit, mobile & desktop traffic and call to action, etc.

On-Page SEO:

The content structure, penalties, crawling errors, robot management, image optimization, AMP, SSL, server issues, broken internal links, page speed & timings, canonicalization, international SEO, internal links, and keyword plans, etc. will be conducted during forensic SEO auditing.

Off-Page SEO:

Backlink audit, social, broken links, reviews & citations, contradictions, link growth & frequency, bad neighborhood linking, site or domain quality and penalty checks, etc. will take place.

What Do We do?

I will not let our clients pay the penalties through misunderstandings about the performance of the search engine. I will thoroughly analyze and understand the performance and clearly define the associated issues.

I will help you by gathering evidence about factors like previous traffic, link profile, ranking, and recent SEO activity that plays a role in causing the issues.

I will document the recovery strategy to minimize the rank loss along with the recommendations of the required sources.

To lessen the problem, we will execute the recovery strategy through repairs and improvements that are needed. Our team will communicate with the Google and Bing when required on behalf of the client to request the reconsideration.

Our experts will support and guide your internal team to eradicate future problems.

Why Do You Reach Us?

Reckonable action plan:

To fix the issues immediately, we will recommend you the clear and actionable strategies. Through this, you can find the growth of your business than before.

Fast Turnaround:

I will make your business journey safe by navigating the most secure roadmap. Through forensic SEO auditing, business brand growth can be improved.

Track & Reevaluate:

I will monitor your business analytics by tracking the insights, and we review what you have executed in your business.

SEO Due Diligence

SEO Due Diligence is generally helped in reviewing the performance of digital marketing online. Due Diligence is processed in which a company got sold or kept private investment, and the process reaches some nonbinding offers or term sheets during the initial step of the process.

So, before the bidding offers or sealing of a deal, there is a need for a need to validate the information and assumptions of the seller in the initial process, which is called Due diligence. It depends on the size of the deal and varies.

Risk factors plans, and also evaluates the marketing team: the new strategies and best tactical implementation of tactics.

It is essential to remember the audience, and the investors care about the critical business that upsides the potential and the size of the risks, which helps the potential investment.

Practical skill and knowledge are needed to perform the due diligence that is similar to the powers that required to playing the different kinds of audits with a regular marketing campaign.

The audit is generally focused on capturing opportunities. The output of the due diligence has mainly scaled the upsides and downsides.

What are the most considerable aspects to reflect forensic SEO audit?

When you want to redesign the current web page.

You are not obtaining a higher search engine ranking.

If you have the website issues like not mobile friendly and slow loading.

The website is not driving the required conversions and traffic.

Your website is facing search engine penalties like Googles Panda or Penguin, whatever Google named it.

If you are confusing that your website coded correctly or your content is not working well.

When you are not driving effective business sales.

SEO Link Audit

The marketing audit is essential for the website, which is got engaged in internet marketing, and so, one must conduct a link of the inspection periodically. Search engines are generally modified its algorithm time to time, and the marketers must be aware of all these changes to get successful.

The SEO Link audit is critical because the analysis of the link can provide you with the best information about the problems that can be addressed without wasting time and effort. The link analysis can boost up internet marketing with the right building strategies.

The link audit reveals the links of the site, which has a higher risk and also exposes the weak quality links which can deliver the top value. It also activates the damage control while a website was caught with weak links, which may lead to penalties by search engines.

So, a proper SEO audit linking service is critical to gain useful knowledge about various websites with a strategic plan. The SEO Audit uncovers the different technical issues that impact on the SEO efforts.

Many of us may encounter a problem displaying 404 issues and pages not found, which may lead to potential loss to the website and the business.

This error occurs when links are failed to resolve/sometimes the links split between the two versions, which may lead to the canonical version issues which may involve by the three versions of the same page. All these issues may badly influence on the success of the site.

SEO Link Audit :

  • Overview of website link status
  • Identification of the plus and minus of the website
  • Competition analysis
  • Identification of the problematic inbound and internal links
  • Prevention of future SEO issues and much more
  • Website Architecture
  • On-page Audit
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Designing and Usability
  • Content review and strategic plan, and much more.

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