Guide to Create Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

The primary function and responsibility of the marketer are to increase the customer base for his products and also promote the company and/or products as well. In his journey to this end, he has many instruments (platforms such as YouTube, Facebook etc).The aim of conversion (sales) is the ultimate and the first step in this direction is lead generation.

Lead is the first step in the sales channel. Here the prospective customer (who has the requirement for the products of the marketer) is identified. After a lot of discussions and series of interactions, the lead will become sale. As such lead generation is the most important aspect in the chain of sales/marketing.

Coming to the content marketers, there are many platforms as mentioned above offering the opportunity to do the necessary lead generation. Here we will briefly discuss lead generation through Facebook. Facebook is offering a facility to the marketer whereby the profile of the customer are forwarded to the marketer so that he can take relevant decision for conversion of the lead to sale  initially this facility is available to select users of FB and is expected to be available to all the users of FB shortly. Below are the few steps to be adopted in this regard.

1) Create a lead Ad using Power Editor. This is a wonderful tool for creating and managing FB ads.

2) Downloads your ads account to Power Editor and create the campaign.

3) Continue the lead generation.

4) Create New Form to create the first lead generation form and name it.

5) Provide the details to be collected from your customers.

6) Optionally you can also add custom questions.

7) Get privacy policy acceptance and provide your website details.

8) Review your form and Create Form.

Once the lead ad creation is over, you need to access your leads manually. You can upload this data to your client management tool and from there on your colleagues in the office will take over.

Facebook is offering the wonderful tool for the benefit of the marketer in his efforts to reach the targets.

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