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Guide to Paid Content Distribution for Websites and Blogs

Guide To Paid Content Distribution For Websites And Blogs

Creating content is an important aspect of digital marketing. Finding the audience for content consumption is another important aspect and the most challenging thing. In the last few years, content platform distribution has emerged which work in this way. The content is uploaded, the budget and the timescale are set and the campaign is launched. Here are few popular distribution platforms.

• LockerDome is the new social media channel that works similar to Pinterest. This enables the user to tag and categories content that interests them. The only difference is the demographic which is males in 18 – 34 range while Pinterest has a large female user base.

• Revcontent is a content recommendation widget and is also free to use. This platform is leading in only a few countries.

• Taboola is another paid content distribution channels similar to Outbrain. It provides content distribution on CPC model.

• Outbrain is a paid amplification channel that reaches more than 560 million since a couple of years ago. More than eighty percent of world leading brands are working with Outbrain. The distribution network includes real estate on media outlets.

• distributed paid content to many websites. This platform is being used in different website categories such as arts, entertainments, news, media and people. This is used by websites across the globe.

• Native works with more than one thousand seven hundred publishers. It claims almost three hundred percent increase in the performance of native ads. Native changes vCPM rates and the content is published on media outlets and blogs.

• Adblade is content recommendation platform and is free to use. This is leading in many countries including UD, USA, and India.

For putting together a paid content distribution strategy, one should stay updated with all the latest features of the platforms. Study all the case studies on each platform and find how each platform perform and know what to expect in terms of views, clicks, and traffic to the website.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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