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What Is Lead Generation ? – The Complete Guide

What is Lead Generation ? – The Complete Guide

Why is Lead Generation Important for a Brand?

The number of sales that have been drained will project the caliber of the lead. The lead generation will make amendments to reach the targeted market to explore the brand of the products or services.

When we have decided to have global reach through multiple channels than the lead generation will sketch the marketing plans to push the consumers to be in the part of sales.

B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation is very important and crucial for B2B Brands and it has to be effective and accurate.
Simply though, if you don’t generate leads, you don’t make B2B Sales.

There are certain strategies that help in the B2B lead generation.

Use of call-to-action will be the most significant tactic to reach the clients.

The collaboration on social media sites will bring attention to the users to focus on your brand.

Push the video campaigns by targeting your previous business customers.

Launch the webinars which hold the interested candidates to know more about the products or tools.

Make use of the business portal LinkedIn from where the higher sales can be obtained.

How to implement B2B Lead Generation Strategies?

Implementing on-exit blog overlay to users about to leave your blog

Asking to fill the call to action form when a user spent more time on your website sales page.

Giving away free ebooks, digital downloads after filling a form.

If a user came to the website he can able to invite and share the website on social media.

Conducting surveys on your website.

B2C Lead Generation

The role of social media platforms will be the vital category to have B2C lead generation.

Pushing off the email notifications to the clients is more advantageous.

Host the contest to have the brand recognition at the audience.

The paid campaigns will have the attention of the customers.

Produce the campaigns of other brands which can hook their audiences.

Make use of high-quality content that exactly matches the preferences of the clients.

Best Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress

List Building Plugin Called Thrive Leads


Sumo WordPress Plugin with Loads of Features

Landing Page Plugin Called Leadpages

Call to action plugins Called WP Notification Bar

Contact form plugins Called Gravity Forms

Live chat plugins Called Tidio Chat

Lead Generation Challenges

Making predictions on the preferences of the audiences.

Producing bulk of highly qualified leads.

Analyzing the performance of your activity through the obtained results.

Adjustment of time and the available resources.

Altering leads to becoming clients.

Producing the high-quality content.

Making promotional strategies that exactly reach the target.

Making customer case studies.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the method of analyzing (rank) the leads or customers performance of the leads by considering their interest to purchase the product or services which have been characterized by the sales and marketing units. The profile of the lead has been considered to estimate the capacity of the lead to sell the products or services.

Lead Generation Tools

Intercom Acquire:

This tool allows us to establish the communication with the leads being as the visitors of our website already.


This mainly engages the social media platforms with user-friendly mobile apps and web icons.

Google Keyword Planner:

The fine keywords that are playing a role on vlogs, blogs, and landing pages will be assigned through this tool.


It is one of the major trending tools in the present market as it can be used to schedule and share the posts on trending social media platforms.


It will bring the notice to you to find the which leads are more effective to have the efficient sales.

Lead Generation Trends

Preferring high-quality leads than the quantity.

Analyzing the potentiality of leads automatically.

Use of highly advanced tools for lead generation.

Cross promoting on multiple devices.

Escalating to the video platform than traditional.

Facebook is the lead generation monster.

How do I Generate Leads?

Directly engage with leads using Social Media.

Adopt outbound & inbound marketing strategies.

Invest in new technology and tools to gather leads.

Find leads on Twitter by using Advanced Location Based Searches.

generate Informative content and start doing Content marketing aggressively.

Dig into your old customer databases and acquire new database and get prospect leads.

Market your products/services through LinkedIn.

What is a Sales Lead?

A sales lead is a prospective customer of your Product/, it is created when a consumer or brand shows interest and filled the lead generation form and provides contact details.

B2B Brands get sales leads through digital advertising, email marketing, social media and other marketing efforts.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of creating the best relationships with the potential consumer at every stage of a sales process, It is nothing but a customer buying cycle.

It is complete sales cycle that stresses on marketing and communication with the customer by listening to their needs and providing best customer service.

What is a qualified lead?

A sales-qualified lead (SQL) is a prospective consumer and he is ready for buying and next stage in the sales process.

How do I generate leads with Facebook?

Gather a list of old customer, existing leads, prospective leads, or CRM import into your Facebook Ads manager Tool.

Create Facebook Audience by using a Pixel on your website.

Click “create similar audience”.

Target with a Facebook Lead Ad Campaign with the collected audience using lookalike audience.


This provides the complete knowledge on the lead generation which helps in building the brand through sales and marketing strategies. These are the collection from the real time experience.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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