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Online Bachelors Degree in Digital Marketing – The Next Big Thing

Online Bachelors Degree In Digital Marketing – The Next Big Thing

As there has been a constant growth in digital marketing, naturally there is a requirement of content marketers as well as content writers.The demand for the specified job is on the high. The growth chances in this profession are also quite attractive thereby increasing the demand for professionals with specializations like management, professional management, social media managers, website managers etc. This naturally created an opportunity for many famous universities/schools to offer online courses. Let us briefly understand the various institutions and their procedure for offering these courses.

1) Colorado State University:

This prestigious institution is offering courses served up to 8-week increments. The range of courses includes a wide range of specializations, to business administration to strategic communications, to emergency management.

2) Colorado Technical University:

One of the institutions offering a fully online bachelor’s degree in marketing including organizational behavior, project management, digital marketing etc.

3) Western Governor University:

Offers online bachelor of Science degree in marketing with a higher level of flexibility through competency-based course delivery model. The course comes in 6-month subscription based model.

4) Florida Atlantic University:

Especially focusing on marketing, online courses are offered for the 3rd & 4th-year coursework. Transfer from other schools is possible.

5) University of Phoenix:

Offering the wide variety of marketing degrees including Bachelors of Science in business.

6) Liberty University:

A number of degree completion plans and also ’intensives’ (week long) accelerated learning opportunities is offered by this institution.

7) Bellevue University:

Ability to transfer credits adds flexibility to students’ experience. Peer-to-peer interaction & small class size offers quality online experience.

8) Capella University:

Specialization in marketing clubbed with other specializations like finance & project management is the specialty of this institution.

9) California Coastal University:

Along with bachelor’s of Science, under graduation certification is also offered. Self-paced courses are the specialty of the university.

10) Curtin University:

Bachelor’s of Commerce is offering with the marketing specialization. 3 years is the program duration of this online course.

As already explained, online marketing is commanding increasing popularity and thereby the natural demand for professionals in this field. Many more institutions are competing to offer online bachelor’s degree course with emphasis on marketing.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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