The Quick Start Guide to Create Instagram Call-to-Action Ads

Instagram is growing as a big social platform with its variety of ad formats for advertisers and marketers.  It has more than 400 million active users every month. Instagram has provided various advertising opportunities for the people. We all know that Facebook is the parent company of Instagram platform and had the completely similar ad management tools. If you have a business manager account within the Facebook then you can easily connect or link the Instagram account also. Companies can utilize the Facebook ad manager along with power editor tool also. Here is the quick guide for the Instagram call to action ads.

The call to actions plays a great role to grab the consumer attention towards the company. Instagram ads can be very supportive with the mobile app install ads and the boosts the good video views and engagement. Instagram allows the marketers utilize the Hashtags with an average length of some 140 characters and helps the marketers to achieve good engagement levels from the people with your brand in a definitive way of approach. Even the Hashtags also play a great role to reach the audience and let them stay engaged with the comments and helps to boost the discoverability across the web. The Instagram platform allows up to thirty hashtags which can increase the engagement of the brand or a company.

Captivating the content also plays a great role in Instagram ads along with the geo-tagging feature which can boost up to 40 percent comparing to other discovery tools. the call to actions plays a vital role in the success of a marketing professional. There is a different call to actions on Instagram which can be utilized at the end of the video ads on the platform. by using the call to actions, the marketers can grab the attention of the viewers towards their website and other places to get connected with the brands. The call to actions like select the designs etc can boost the engagement on the Instagram platform.

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