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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Automation

Digital marketing automation has a strong relation with email marketing. This software automatically performs repetitive tasks and helps minimize the errors of humans, it can manage complexity also. The selection of digital marketing automation software depends on individual requirements. Some may be better at emails, some in analytics and some may be very simple to use.

Digital Marketing Automation

Using digital marketing automation has become essential in today’s competitive digital marketing world. This helps in understanding the leads. The marketer can easily find what the leads are viewing, what forms they are filling and which emails they opened etc. The insights of how the lead is responding to content etc can be found with the help of digital marketing automation. One important benefit of using marketing automation is the lead scoring. We can get the data about website traffic, searching trends, social media and other details and use the data to increase he ROI, SEO ranking and satisfaction of customers.

Digital Marketing Automation Tools

There are many marketing automation tools available. Finding the right tool for the marketers is a bit difficult. Here are some of the popular automation tools.

• A Marketo tool is flexible and can analyze millions of data points. It offers diverse features with the help of strong partner ecosystem.

• HubSpot tool is perfect for not so big and small size businesses. Customer satisfaction is high with this tool. Its popularity is because of its flexibility, CTA building and lead scoring apart from SEO tools.

• HootSuite is another marketing automation tool that allows content to be published on multiple social sites and this process saves a lot of time.

• Pardot is another marketing automation platform which is an all around marketing tool.

Digital Marketing Automation Trends

Digital marketing automation is not new but it started flourishing in the recent years. Most small and big businesses that have their online presence started using the marketing automation system. The interest in marketing automation is growing and more and more companies are planning to use it in the near future, according to Google Trends.

Most businesses that are not using the digital marketing automation and thus it have a very good potential to expand in the future. Most of those who use the system have not used the entire feature in it and this shows that the best results with automation system are yet to be enjoyed by them.

Digital marketing automation is a difficult subject to understand. Most of the marketers do not use all the available tools and so do not find the effectiveness of them. Marketing automation helps to understand the customer well and the businesses that understand the customer will be successful. Customers now want the businesses to understand them more. They expect to know the companies to know more details about them. An automated campaign helps to personalize the relation with the customer.

Digital marketing automation need not be used just as a tool for marketing. it can be a helpful tool for both marketing and sales. In the coming days, business is going to invest more in automation for their marketing but also for their sales strategies. people will look for the fully integrated system as having an integrated system is more beneficial than to have different systems for doing different things. In the coming years, location based automation is going to be much more important. This is because of the GPS technology in smartphones and tablets and when the customer is ready to share their location, there is no point in businesses not using this to their advantage.

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