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The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?  Reputation management refers to influencing and controlling reputation.  Reputation can be either pertaining to an individual or his business.  The concept of public relations clubbed with social media is called online reputation management (aka ORM).  In short, ORM deals with the reputation of a business on the net.  For a better understanding of the concept, some examples of ORM include the feedback system on eBay & Wikipedia. To counter the criticisms that ORM is unethical, there are many firms that are adopting pure ethical methods of ORM.

Some of the techniques used by reputation management firms include:

• Submission of online press releases.

• Creating links to third party sites.

• Improving the tagging with the ultimate aim of SEO.

Coming to operational modalities of ORM, it aims at providing accurate and updated information about the individual or business entity.  The process also ensures that unwanted and negative information is filtered out from the online content.

Some of the preliminary works that need to be done before actually going for ORM include:

1) Google yourself or your business entity.

2) Diagnose and find out which Google ranking category you are in.

3) Based on the outcome of steps 1 & 2 above finalize the content of work you need to do.

Online Reputation Management Tools:

This important function of ORM has some tools that can be used to effective monitor the ORM.  User generated media, blogs, and discussion forums have to change the flow of information about your company on the net.  As such, it is essential that you may be able to use many tools/websites offering required help in this direction.

Some of the tools/sites are mentioned below for your ready reference:

1) Sites like,,, etc help you to manage your identity.

2) Manage your reputation through sites like, etc.

3) Sites like,, etc with be useful to manage online profile.

The need to monitor and manage ORM arises due to the fact that you need to observe the views expressed by viewers of your content and also ensures that there are no negative remarks.  Negativity, in today’s world where 24×7 accesses to content is available throughout the world, can catch like wildfire and destroy the image of the business entity.

Now that you are convinced that you need to monitor your ORM, given below are some of the tools that will be handy for this purpose.

1) IFTTT (if this happens then do that) is the best option for monitoring the ORM. As a marketer, you will be creating a recipe (set of rules) by choosing a trigger channel and an action channel.

2) Track employee mentions is a tool facilitated by Me On The Web (from Google) where you can get the notification when personal data is available on the web.  This tool enables you to track the mentions about the senior staff on the web.

3) Filter instant social searches (using a tool called IceRocket).

Online Reputation Management Tips & Techniques:

ORM is a long term process and needs constant refinement of various tips and techniques employed by the marketer.   Given below are some of the tips in this direction which also includes using social media.

• Removal of negative links.

• Removal of negative comments.

• Create infographics.

• Ensure tweets on a daily basis.

• Write guest blog

• Write a press release and add it to

Online Reputation Management is a continuous process and needs constant monitoring of the online content as well as filtering the negative remarks/comments.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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