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The Ultimate Guide to Pokémon GO for Location-based Digital Marketing

Pokemon GO application has achieved a great attention from the audience and tech savvy. It has achieved a great name as an instant hit. The application was designed with the inspiration of a 21-year-old cartoon character in Japanese’s video game. It has become very popular within a short period of time after its launch in the market. It is designed with the augmented reality as a central factor in the application which connects the players and the locations.

This new application has released in the US which has been trending on various social media platform feeds and become a great buzz across the platforms. These applications consist of augmented reality with the QR codes that was viewed towards the advanced technology that was associated or linked with the virtual reality. The Pokemon Go has opened the doors of augmented reality and makes the feature as a next big thing.

About Application

As Pokemon Go has become the great buzz and a trending topic across the search engines results, people are curious about it complete features and compatible platforms. The user downloads the Pokemon Go on Android smartphones or they can also be downloadable from iPhone also. The turn on location type of services will get enabled where the GPS can be powered with the various mapping points to the real world locations where can find out the Pokemon characters.

After reaching the particular place, the users can pin the smartphone cameras in order to identify the characters. Once it was identified the player can shoot the ball toward the creature and get captured and collect the medals. The users can also designate the spots and get capture and precede battles. There are also a “Poke Stops” that was pinned at the physical locations where the users can collect the different things to grab the items.

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