Tips for Creating Social Media Content Calendar

Social media marketing has become the most powerful way to reach the audience. Each social platform was different from the other platform and in features too. For efficient social media marketing, one must maintain the necessary timings and tactics to stay connected with the audience across the different social platforms. Social platforms are generally crowded with lots of people and your brand or business must get identified among the different businesses across the platform. So, you have to plan and implement the strategy without any lagging to do the things in a right way and especially on the right timing. So, here comes the social media content calendar which can be very helpful to memorize the things and content publishing in a consistent way which plays a vital role.

The social media marketing is the perfect way to organize the content to develop a good editorial strategy. The calendar can save a lot of time for the efficient content marketing strategy and helps you to go on with your resources in an intellectual way. It is also helpful to maintain the consistency in publishing the content with good quality and unique content. A social media calendar makes it easy for you to review the things efficiently. Always organize the content calendar by going with a separate sheet every month with complete activities related to your social media marketing. Here are some general tips that can be helpful while maintaining and utilizing the social media content calendars.


•    Maintain day to day monthly calendar

•    Include publishing date with time and format of content

•    Also include an attached link in the schedule

•     You can try calendars in Google sheets as they are easy to access and comfortable to use.

•    Search for the calendar templates and customize them a but if it is necessity

•    Keep everything in separate rows and columns in your sheet and them add to your calendar

•    Utilize the color coding to differentiate the days and things to be done

•    If you are leading a team, then create a separate calendar to each member. So that you can avoid confusion

•    Create calendar separately for different social networks

•    Schedule your live sessions also.

•    Utilize other third party tools if they are very useful and easy to access.

Want to create a social media calendar for your company? Well, it seems complicated but a systematic approach will help you make it easy. Let us first know why social media calendar is important for individuals or for companies or industries. This is developed and shared with marketing teams so that they will plan the content marketing activity in advance. It would be easier to plan the calendar by knowing the key events in the company in advance, trying to fill the gaps in the plan and ensuring that the content is ready well before it is planned to be published.

Social Media Calendar templates are available online or you can create your own. The calendar must contain the date on which the content is planned to be published, time, type of the content and the topic of the content. You can also add the name of the person who will take responsibility for publishing the content. You can use tools such as Google relevant to the target audience is provided in the social posts. This way annoying the audience can be avoided. The generally used social media for business promotion are Facebook, Twitter, Sheets, Google Calendar, Trello etc.

A company wants its brands to reach large number of audience. Identifying the target audience is possible by having a conversation between key departments in the company or industry such as customer service, sales, HR and marketing to name a few. Depending on the movement of the company, content calendars are prepared on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Identify the target audience and ensure that only information LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Slideshare. Facebook page of the company can be updated as many times as it is required.Encourage people to comment on the posts and also respond to the comments. Identify what information can be shared on social media such as LinkedIn or Google+. Post videos of your company events, interview of employees and customers on YouTube.

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