Tips to get more followers on Instagram for Business

Instagram is the latest trend in social media marketing.  Instagram involves posting photos and pictures and thereby increasing the network. Posting photos can become boring if the end result of the Instagram is just getting few likes.  However, the purpose of Instagram is to create a network that has larger & increasing number of followers for business purpose.  Given below are some of the tips to get more followers on Instagram for your business.

1)    Use of hashtags to instantly hook the audience to the account and the followers number can be multiplied. Using the correct hashtags will also help in reaching the new users.

2)    More “likes” will definitely increase the followers’ list.

3)    Promotion is the key word for success. For ensuring that the Instagram gets more followers, one needs to promote his Instagram business account on his other social accounts like Facebook etc.

4)    As one would like to get “likes” on his Instagram account, he has to reciprocate this gesture by extending “likes” for Instagram business accounts similar to his or related to his business.

5)    Ensuring effective time of publishing content is another top most requirement to ensure more followers.  Generally, early morning or evening times are preferred as the most appropriate time for posting.

6)    Quality is the ultimate.  The content that is posted in the Instagram needs to be of best quality.  Pointless images create irritation to the audience and can damage the following of the Instagram account.

7)    Accuracy in detailing is required to increase the list of followers of Instagram.

8)    Sundays are generally considered to be the best time as Sunday will have lesser postings.  Postings on Sunday can have better viewership and hence increased followers.

9)    Creating curiosity in the minds of the audience through simple questions is another way to increase the followers’ list on Instagram.

10)    Interaction is another contributor for improved followers on Instagram.

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