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Top 10 Digital Marketing Automation Tools

The digital automation tools reduce the general human errors in different tasks that are commonly performed as the part of digital marketing strategic practices and plans. The human errors mat sometimes leads to waste of time and money. So in order to reduce the human errors in digital marketing, the marketing automation tools will help the marketers to reach their goals without any errors by managing the complexity and optimize the efforts with automation tools. Here are some ten different digital marketing automation tools that are helpful in marketing.


Marketo is one of the automation tools which offers the customer tracking, marketing automation and real-time personalization which help the marketers in email marketing and measuring the campaigns and managing the campaigns. It also boosts the lead generation sales and helps in search marketing and website tracking along with mobile personalization.


CustomerIO targets the personal messages to the customers basing on the interactions with the business. It gets integrated with your website and apps. It has flexible segmentation and A/B testing along with other features.


AdRoll is widely used automation tool which helps in are engaging the leads across social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Its key features are Cross device and cross platform targeting along with full control on ad spend.


Canterris accelerates the sales and provide better marketing solutions and helps the marketers to manage the content and campaigns and optimization along with market analytics.


Bremy offers multi-channel publishing and marketing. It provides advanced digital asset management along with management and creation of email and other marketing campaigns.


OutMarket automates the workflow and helps in campaign management and integrates the data.

7.BuzzBuilder Pro

BuzzBuilder Pro helps the marketers in advanced email campaigning and automation. It also boosts the tracking and analysis along with social media marketing and rankings.


Salesfusion bridges the marketing and the sales. It is best for mid-sized businesses. It helps the marketers in social marketing and managing and campaign management also.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing automation tool that helps the business to transform their digital marketing with lead generation sales and content marketing automation and management of the campaigns


eTrigue is best automation tool designed for marketers for managing the live email and web tracking with CRM integration along with comprehensive reporting and automation.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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  1. Yes that’s true, marketing automation has a goal of automating all our marketing actions not just basic automation of our everyday recurring tasks. Although Aritic PinPoint has not made to the top of marketing automation tools, I would like to say it makes comprehensive software. I have been using it since a year now and I have found lot of increase in my sales. Do check it out if you are handling small or medium sized business.

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