The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the wonderful platform which consists of more than 1.5 billion active users. The platform also had numerous numbers of advertising solutions with a great user base. The marketers can effectively utilize the Facebook advertising solutions to gain good sales outcome from the platform. Many marketers have already got successful with the Facebook targeting for their brand and company. Here is an ultimate guide to the Facebook advertising to get successful.

Introduction to Facebook advertising

There are different ways to reach your targeted audience via the Facebook platform. Many beginners didn’t know about the various simple advertising formats that Facebook platform was offering to reach the people across the platform. The first thing as a marketer, you must create a business Facebook page. After creation of the business page, one can create the Facebook page, particularly for your brand or product or service. This can provide detailed information for the audience about your services. Choose the particular category where your business can differentiate from the other.

Getting started with the Facebook advertisement

There are two options to go with the Facebook advertising.  The first one is Facebook ad creator and the next one is the power editor. If you are Ok with the Ad creator then it is better to jump on to the power editor as it has a number of features comparing to the previous. By using the Facebook power editor one can develop the unpublished posts also along with the filtering the campaign.

The marketers can go on with the Facebook ad campaigns and allow the people to like the page and also fans to engage. Different types of d formats like auto play video ads etc can be a great way to reach the audience. But, before going to the particular advertising format, don’t forget to set up the campaign budget so that you will not cross the things beyond your financial strategy for the marketing on Facebook. Also, choose your targeted audio from the crowd basing on the location, age, interest and the gender and many other interests of the audience across the platform. So that it can be easier to reach the audience across the Facebook platform with your advertising practices.

Location based Facebook advertising

Many people like to know about the local companies, brands, and services. So it is important to target the people with local targeting advertisements on Facebook platform. The local targeting is nothing but the targeting the people basing on the location. While creating the ads with the ad creation or power editor, You may have the option to target the audience basing on their location. In the location-based targeting section, you can enter the name of the location you wanted to target along with the zip codes and exact locations to show the ads to the people  in that particular locations you have choose. After selection of the location, you can go on with the right arrow to choose the radius of your location where you can include and exclude the area from the drop down menu.

The Advertisers can choose everyone in the location as well as by people living in the present location or people transferred recently to the location along with the people traveling in the location also. That means the Facebook location targeting is the best way to explore the people basing on the location more effectively and efficiently as well as exactly. The advertisers can target the up to 25 countries and 200 states along with 2500 different zip codes.

Generating Leads using Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads allow the potential consumers to get sign up with the offering and can get the accurate content info in order to follow up. While the potential customers of your brand can access your Facebook ad, they can get signup for the info and can also request the information from your offerings and business which can more effective than any other ads. Those types of ads are called as lead ads which play an important role in the Facebook lead generation.

People are spending their valuable time with their mobile devices so it is important and essential to target the people with the mobile ads to reach them exactly in their own comfortable time. The Facebook lead ad type is the most powerful ads which can reach the people who are interested in your business and effective brings good sales conversions. By utilizing the lead ads, the advertisers can get customized and capture the important audience and can also grow with email subscriptions and registrations and pre-ordering etc. These lead ads are beneficial to both the people and as well as to the advertisers.

Facebook power editor

Power editor is a great tool which helps the businesses to manage the multiple ad campaigns. It is very easy to create and manage everything from the campaigns across a large number of different advertisements and ad pages. The advertisers can save their precious time in mass editing ad page posts and the creation of ads in bulk. You can get started with the Facebook power editor by installing the program by accessing via ad manager and then click on to the power editor button and install it.

Facebook advertising guidelines

•    Ads on Facebook are reviewed within 24 hours to show up on the platform as it is a Facebook advertising policy and sometimes it may take longer time to process the ads for review

•    In some place, you must refer the word Facebook with start with capital letter. There must not be the Facebook logo with the name Facebook in the ads.

•    Your ad must not contain the abuse content or photos or video or any other form that is considered as the age restricted.

•    If any person was operating behalf of the advertisers, then the ad accounts must be maintained separately.

•    Illegal and prohibited content basing on the Facebook policies or guidelines must be included in the ads and those ads can’t be processed.

All these are just some of the Facebook policies or guidelines which are important. There are many other important guidelines to follow while creating the advertisement on Facebook platform.

Facebook advertising tips and tricks

•    Utilize the page post engagement ad types to increase the fan base and if you want to target the things specifically it is an ideal way to reach.

•    Use even responses to drive the people towards your event

•    Interact with the audience in the comments in a positive way

•    Build up your community on Facebook in your niche

•    Connect with the people who are interested in your services

•    Offer different claims and sell products in a unique way

•    Don’t copy the content and it is illegal and can’t able to drive the things longer and your content may also get banned from the platform.

•    Use quality and unique content to engage the audience across the platform.

Facebook advertising is the most powerful way to reach the audience as it is providing a lot of tools and features for the advertisers to reach their goals in a definitive way. So, a marketer and advertiser must not neglect the Facebook targeting in their marketing or advertising strategy.

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