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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Deep Linking

With an increase in the utilization of the mobile devices and the applications for the various purposes,technology plays a great role in connecting the different things to make the user more comfortable with the various applications. The connectivity and the speed of accessing play an important role in the success of mobile applications in this digital world.

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is the connective technology which connects the apps of mobile devices. The technology provides the deep linking whenever the user click on to the call to action buttons. The deep linking technology pushes the users to the other specific area within the application without the need to open the page in another window. Generally, a dialog box is displayed whenever you need any further information which is not within the application asking to open in browser or opera or some other browsers to display the information.

This can be very time was taken and users mat lost connectivity with the application. So, today the deep linking technology is widely utilizing in the android applications where developers and publishers can enhance better results by providing better user experience with deep linking.

Developing the mobile infrastructure with deep linking :

The mobile infrastructure must be maintained with good accessibility with the application. That means the users must provide with good experience to access the information within the application and they must feel very easy to go where they want to go and do what they want to do within the application without any interruption. This infrastructure must be provided to your mobile application. Sometimes the users can get nervous while utilizing the particular application by clicking on to different links to access the information as they are taken to the other sites which are irrelevant.

The app indexing has updated with the new version at 4.4 that allows the Google to start at pages very soon and the ad pages can get indexed by search engines and one can expect some trillions of links. The users can search and have a look towards the new update but the developers must get on with the new way. The third party tools are very expensive and the deep linking technology is the best way to get interconnected besides third party tools.

Sometimes linking to the other social accounts within the application may also turn tough to go on with the things within the native application too. Some applications like Yelp can redirect the pages with the application without any hassles.

Deep linking for e-commerce :

E-commerce can get more powerful with the deep linking technology as they can build up the better relation with the consumers and visitors too. It can increase the marketing and sales potential across the web. With the deep linking technology in the e-commerce application, the users can get access the information they are needed within the application at one go. This can provide the users with different experience and can make their purchase decision more comfortable within the application and as well as they can also likely to buy the things again within the application because of easy and quick access.

Deep linking for marketers today :

The ole advertising methods are now unable to get on with the traffic across the web world. They are unable to generate the consumer traffic towards the applications. There are different tools that have already emerged in the new advertising space where marketers must target specifically with good linking technology to develop. As the customers of mobile market places are resisting the banner type of ad marketing method and tactics. So, the deep linking which allows the best accessing and provides better help for the various marketing campaigns. The deep linking is generally based on the http:// type structured websites and the consumers can get access to the specific landing pages by simply opening the application.

How to get on with deep linking?

If you have designed your application with a variety of sections. Make sure that every section of the application must get deep linked to ensure the consumer interaction. One can start the designing of the pages of the campaign in order to enhance your product value. Access every screen within your app and design with the deep linking technology to provide better user experience.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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