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What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

The medium through which the products, services or tools being purchased or exchanged in the form of marketing strategy by using the online services especially on digital devices like mobiles and computers is termed as digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The capability of showing the ultimate performance by the website or web page while it has been visited on the search engine by the online users is named as search engine optimization. This can improve the ranking of the website by displaying at the top place of the search engine.

On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is the process of making the website effective by using the methods that are involved in on-site to improve the search ranking through the addition of titles, tags, description and URLs.

Off-Page SEO:

The title itself refers that approaching the off-site strategies to make effective website or web page. In this social sharing, blog marketing and the submission of articles etc. will be involved.

Content Marketing

The strategy which can be defined by launching and disclosing the extraordinary content to clutch the clients or users by demonstrating the particular product or service is termed as content marketing.

Inbound Marketing

This is also a type of marketing strategy in which the best tactics are involved to grab the clients by exploring the brand through content marketing and turns them to be as the long term customers.

Social Media Marketing

The marketing which is done on social media sites especially by sharing the content on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter etc. to expose the products or services that are intended.

Facebook Marketing

This plays a vital role in the global market growth and this is where the marketers are organizing the special page or profiles to deliver their products or services to the customers with huge communication.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the largest places to do marketing with millions of users. This is the only social media platform where the content of services or tools have been tweeted either in the form of video or image through which the brand can easily reach the targeted audience.

YouTube Marketing

Video plays the major role on YouTube to do marketing. Most of the creators will focus on creating the extraordinary video content which describes the features of the services or products that has been uploaded to the YouTube.

Instagram Marketing

The brand reaching of targeted audiences by establishing the strong communication either in the form of images or videos. Millions of users especially from millennial will be found on the Instagram which shows a great impact on marketing strategy. Here the story telling drains the attention of users.

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is the trending mobile app where the millions of users will be linked to share the content within seconds. The brand of a product or service can directly reach the customers in an effective way. A snap of content on Snapchat can bring the unexpected results than we expect.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The advertisers or marketers are allowed to add the preferred keywords for the content they upload which it has been allowed to appear as the top content in the search results and they need to pay per click when the user has visited that content.

Affiliate Marketing

The marketing of products or services through the involvement of the third party between the customer and the vendor is called affiliate marketing and here the affiliates will be rewarded.

Marketing Automation

The advanced automated technologies and software platforms which are intended for the marketers to get the efficient results while marketing the products.

Email Marketing

This can be used to push notifications of the launched products through advertisements and business queries through email to evaluate the brand.

Lead Generation

This is the method which clutches the customers by creating interest about the particular product or services.

Digital Marketing for B2B

With the help digital marketing in B2B, the entrepreneurs can make promotions about their products or services at other entrepreneurs through online platforms.

Digital Marketing for B2C

The process of attaining the customer sales by fulfilling the client requirements and in this the online marketing has been done to approach the relevant consumers.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

By using digital marketing strategy the development of the business will be done with very low cost.

The reach of mobile customers is very easy as the mobile is the trending device in the present era.

The ROI can be improved which in return increases the revenue.

The digital marketing approach will save the time while marketing to reach the customers. In short period it shows great results than traditional marketing.

The brand can be easily explored through digital marketing by promoting on different social media platforms.

This can give huge engagement of audience to visit the blog or vlog to know more about the products or services which push them to buy.

The conversion rate will be increased.

Digital Marketing Statistics

The video usage will be 80% as the online marketing trend globally.

The native ads have more CTR when compared to normal ads i.e. .33% through mobile and .16% through personal computers.

The regular ads will have the CTR of .06%.

The 70% of retargeted audiences are becoming customers.

The 84% of mobile advertisers are being satisfied with their promotion.

80% marketers are intended to launch the campaign of influencer marketing.

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