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WordPress for Business : Guide to WordPress Optimization 2020

WordPress For Business : Guide To WordPress Optimization 2020

WordPress is a platform that can be utilized for multiple purposes, like for blogging and Content management systems online.

It is essential to have a clear picture of the WordPress platform to understand the optimization process of the WordPress for the search engine results.

We all know that search engines can boost up the rankings and drives the traffic towards the websites and increases online exposure.

The structure of the WordPress platform and the right utilization of the different plug-ins can reveal the powerful options in SEO to get successful.

Here is an ultimate guide for the WordPress SEO to understand the WordPress at 360 degrees.

Basic WordPress SEO

WordPress is essential and plays a vital role in SEO.

WordPress sites are set up by turning off or on the CSS, and the sites are evenly spaced at the center, and the information organized at the top according to the priority, and the code is lean as the WordPress setup like this.

The sites that are not powered by the WordPress are very bloated, which can confuse the search engines as the essential confirmation on the website is not prioritized at the top of the page online.

It may lag in the search engine results. WordPress is the best way to grab the best search engine rankings across the web.

The clean and lean codes are essential for the loading of page speeds, and the top search engines like Google confirms that the websites that are loading very fast get a significant advantage in the rankings, and it has more weight.

Another reason for the utilization of the WordPress SEO is if you did not hire a professional developer, then you can make it on your own to care for the SEO processes on your site.

The internal and external links are essential and easy to use on WordPress SEO as you can click on to the small button on the link and can add URL and the Title that can automatically insert the links.

Basically, in WordPress SEO, the images also can be optimized very easily by clicking on the add media option, and there will be another option to the uploading of the files and selection of data to choose the concerned image file to upload.

There is reasonable control over the title, and for the SEO, the Alt text is very vital for the SEO for images. If you are targeting some keywords in WordPress SEO, then you can also include there by clicking an enter button on the post, which can automate the process.

The best advantage of the WordPress platform is you can boost up the site very quickly with professional help was added.

11 Best Free WordPress Plugins For ECommerce

Previously bloggers use WordPress for creating blogs, but now it has been using for OpenCart and E-commerce sites. Transforming an ordinary WordPress site to powerful E-commerce site WordPress plugins plays an important role.

If you are planning to build an E-commerce site with WordPress themes, you should be crazy about selecting the plugins. Here we have some free WordPress plugins for the digital shop.

1. WooCommerce:

  • WooCommerce is the best and popular eCommerce plugin that millions of people are using.
  • Using this plugin, you can sell anything, anywhere, no matter it is virtual goods or digital products.
  • It allows features like payment gateway and all types of cards. Suitable for any e-commerce site, mobile-friendly, and customizable.

2. JigoShop Plugin:

  • If you are willing to host an e-commerce site, the Jigoshop plugin is essential to integrate.
  • It allows you grouped features customers can quickly refine their products and for multiple payment options.
  • It is easily downloadable and mobile-friendly.

3. eShop plugin:

  • Easily accessible WordPress plugin is the eShop plugin.
  • Listing of products it provides various methods, simple interface for quick browsing and purchase.

4. Cart 66 Lite:

  • It is a highly efficient, lightweight, and secure WordPress plugin for creating eCommerce sites.
  • Compared to other plugins, it is sturdy and easy to use globally recognizable marketing.
  • It allows various currencies with multiple payment gateway options.

5. Ecwid plugin:

  • This plugin is mainly designed and developed for smartphone users and is easy to use with extraordinary features.
  • Using this platform, you build your own business, either digital products or real items, and run your online store with zero cost.

6. WP eCommerce:

  • The second most used WordPress e-commerce plugin, and it has unique functionality.
  • It will domestically increase your online store business rate.
  • It helps to customize your way of HTML and CSS and compatible with WordPress plugins and themes.

7. Market Press:

  • It supports all major payment gateway options and fully compatible with all other sites.
  • Provides discounts, offer coupons with multiple shipping options.
  • The market press has elegant WordPress themes without touching a single line of code that makes your site look great.

8. X-Cart integration:

  • X-Cart is a PHP based shopping cart for all types of businesses to open no online stores.
  • For the start of medium and small businesses, X-cart gives free facility with painless quickly.
  • First, you should establish your eCommerce site on the X-cart website and then integrate your X-cart plugging into your online store.

9. Easy Digital Downloads:

  • Easy digital downloads are a powerful way to sell your digital goods with a robust reporting system.
  • It is developers-friendly and is developed based on the mind of developers standard, and developers can only easily change.
  • You can quickly sell your digital products with this plugin, and it has various types of plugins to install.

10. iThemes Exchange:

  • To built payment gateways, we use Strips that are used in iThemes exchange, and to full fill specific needs, there are several iThemes available.
  • It’s become easy to add Add-ons to support extra features.
  • It has extra product functions and customs management.

11. YAK Shipping Cart plugin:

  • Here if you post your product in weblog entities, that product ID becomes a product code that makes you can easily categorize your products.
  • You can configure your shipping options easily and provides custom gateway options.


Most of the Web designers spend lots of time searching the right plugins for their eCommerce site. Here we have listed the best free plugins available for Ecommerce sites.

WooCommerce is the best plugin for eCommerce stores. Easy Digital Download is one of the best plugins for selling their products digitally.

Best WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress provides complete control over the content with little technical effort, and you may not need coding skills to publish the content on the platform.

The people across the search engines can identify the content if you are using the site that is optimized by the WordPress.

Several plug-ins are designed on WordPress to manage efficiently.

There is a different plug-in in WordPress SEO. Usually, the users can utilize the master plug-in and the other multiple additional plug-ins on the site to achieve the perfection for the WordPress SEO.

The master Plug-in took great care of various changes that need to be made in the optimization of the website overall and with the additional plug-ins which can take care of the optimization that can’t be achieved by the master plug-in.

One can choose the master plug-in to utilize the additional plug-in, which is available multiple to ensure no issues between the two of them.

The master plug-in can be selected by the All in one SEO or by the Yoast SEO on WordPress. When it comes to the additional plug-in, they are generally listed in the different methods independently by all itself, and the plug-in can be used for the specific optimization of the things.

The plug-ins must be selected depending on your need, and the WordPress SEO plug-in is mainly two, as we already discussed above the master and additional plug-ins on WordPress site.

While the selection of a Plug-in that upgrades the WordPress website, there are several options to choose the things as comprehensive plug-ins are designed to cover the SEO needs online, and they do a good job, which makes a random choice.

Beginners Guide to WordPress SEO

WordPress is a website creation tool and web publishing platform which is simple and effective. The users need not have any knowledge of coding to use this platform, and so is loved by all.

Many top websites of the world are running on this platform.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process in which the visibility of a website is affected. This helps in improving the search engine ranking.

SEO ensures that the search engines find the page for relevant keywords entered by the users. This increases traffic to the website and improves revenue.

WordPress platform is search engine friendly, but SEO work is needed to get the best results for your website or webpage further.

WordPress’s popularity is because of its simplicity and also because SEO elements can be added easily to it in the form of SEO plug-in.

A lot of care must be taken while installing SEO plug-ins to get the best results. Taking the help of consults will help your site perform better.

He will analyze how SEO is strengthening your market, and if any mistakes are being made.

Why is an SEO Consultant needed for Word Press?

  • Installing SEO plug-in in WordPress is easy. But one must understand that it can alter the code of the website, and this may sometimes make you drop the rank.
  • Adding any new plug-ins, an affect the loading speed of the websites, which can further affect the ranking. Only an SEO expert can take care of this.
  • Trending keywords help to get high traffic and engage the audience. Identifying the keywords can be done by SEO analysis.
  • An SEO consultant can guide and advise on the type of content that increase organic traffic.

WordPress SEO Tips

  • When you assign your posts to various categories on your WordPress site, the original version URL details need to be informed to Google to avoid duplicate content issues.
  • Do not use H1 tags for many times. Using multiple H1 cards may damage the rankings or organic search as these are seen as spam.
  • When using Free WordPress themes, take care that these do not hurt your SEO. Check whether there are spammy links, will it be supported and updated, etc. User reviews can help you decide on whether to use the themes or not.

Searching rankings are affected by the loading speed of the site. If the rate is low, you may lose the rank to other fast loading sites.

Apart from publishing quality content, make sure that the site is loading fast. Use tools such as Google Page Speed to check the speed.

Page load time can be improved by installing caching plug-ins. Also, optimize your images to improve site performance.

Choosing WordPress SEO Plugins

There are a few things that need to be considered before deciding on the type of Plug-in to be selected for the WordPress website.

  • Find out the compatibility of the plug-in for the site.
  • Assess the support the Plug-in gets from the developers through support forums and reviews.
  • Check the popularity of the Plug-in. The prevalence of a plug-in can be assessed by the number of times it is downloaded.

Best WordPress Plug-ins

  • The most popular and much used WordPress Plug-in is SEO by Yoast. It allows adding Meta descriptions, keywords for all the content you publish on the site.
  • SEMrush is a paid subscription and helps to improve the SEO of your WordPress site by gathering analytics from other websites.
  • Google Keyword Planner is a free tool and can be used by anyone to get keyword ideas.

WordPress Permalinks

Permalinks one of the methods that are followed on the WordPress site. The Permalink structure was started with the posting of URLs.

The structure is fundamental, like The permalink structure is essential.

The search engines generally like the short type permalink structures and URLs. If you are starting a WordPress site or a blog, then you have to use the structure of the permalink by going to the settings page and the permalinks inside the WordPress dashboard. On the selection of the custom structure, you can see the codes.

WordPress Tricks and Tips

• Optimization of the content with a combination of good quality and uniqueness with strong keywords.

• Exchanging of the backlinks with the relevant websites and don’t every link every page.

• Go with proper naming when a file comes to the image.

• Utilize the short permalinks that include the right keywords.

• Creation of XML format sitemap and promote yourself on social media by adding your posts.

• Don’t use the black hat SEO tactics.

Yoast SEO Basics

It is a well-known feature of WordPress SEO in which it fulfills the functioning of a site that offers advanced customization options and as well as the different functions.

There is also advanced stuff that is very important for SEO success. The Yoast SEO plugging is generally checked the page analysis and other things on the website.

WordPress for Ecommerce Websites

WordPress for e-commerce websites is essential to boost up the website speed and view with different plugins. One can choose the right plug-in on the platform that fits for e-commerce transactions.

One can efficiently utilize WordPress in choosing the best theme for the products selling and can build a high performing and secure site.

It boosts the branding and maximizes the sales and provides a fantastic user experience.

Therefore the WordPress plays a vital role in boosting the search rankings and to create an excellent site for better leads and sales conversions online.

So, one must not neglect the WordPress SEO to the websites and e-commerce stores online.

Ways To Use WordPress for Educational Purpose

Nowaday’s WordPress has become part of the educational sector to get more information. Many organizations like are using WordPress to communication their employees through online sites.

WordPress is more famous for the Content Management system, so employees and students can easily approach it. It is easy for administrators to use.

Currently, WordPress websites are using Certification Courses for assignments points blended with online inquiries.

WordPress Used to Build school Websites

• For building school websites, WordPress is the best platform that gives multiple options.

• In WordPress, we have a lot of plug-ins. Some focus on school management and others for course management.

• If you don’t have a school, also you can communicate with the students on the internet with the help of the WordPress site.

• Teach press is one of the plugins used for course management.

• Here we have some WordPress plugins used in school web sites class blogs, Tigers. It, Learning log, mTouch Quiz, etc..

WordPress for eCourses Website:

• WordPress has become a part of the eCourses website; it has various plugins to structure a website.

• Learning Press is one of the best plugins for online courses.

• Zippy Courses is one of the plugins that require no other plugins in use. This plugin can run more than one course at a time.

• LIFTERLMS is one of the one plugs that does not need its site, can be installed in any blogger.

• It supports course scheduling and Stripes.

• WP Courseware is one of the plugin easy to use and provides the membership with other eCommerce plugins.

WordPress For Online Training Websites

• Developers are using WordPress for developing online training websites efficiently.

• It provides Elegant themes that give high resolution and visible to healthy persons.

• Nowadays, students are browsing the internet for finding online training websites.

• For online training websites, they need multiple features like different courses, places, and trainers.

• To filter all these things, plugins are mandatory.

WordPress for online learning using Video Tutorials

• Before that somebody is struggling with WordPress sites, now it’s become easy and comfortable with video tutorials.

• Video tutorials support everybody with step by step procedures to integrate into their educational websites.

• Always reading does not give a correct choice, but an obvious choice can provide the right answer.

• So WordPress supporting all the users to learn with the help of video tutorials, you can integrate the plugins easily on websites.

WordPress As a Learning Management System

• In this, we have a plugin called WP Learning Press plugin.

• This takes the best part of the learning management system. With this, you can easily create and sell the courses online. It makes it easy for lazy people that everything is filtered and user-friendly.

• It has features like establishes a session, manage the class, sell the course; it provides add-ons.

• Learn press is of high quality and free to change in any language.

WordPress for creating University Websites with internal communications:

• Many universities are using WordPress websites for internal collaborations. WordPress provides an internal communication system that effectively used by many organizations for best searches.

• P2 is the best WordPress theme that converts a regular site to WordPress real-time status sites.

• It can save your website with the latest updates and faster blogging speed.

10 Best WordPress Plugins For Content Marketing

Nowaday’s marketers are using content marketing tremendously to make their business victorious. To get strategically planning and development in content marketing, Word press plugins stands the first place.

WordPress plugins will increase the growth rate and sales of the business easily. There are 10 top plugins available for content marketing with WordPress.


• One of the best recommended social sharing button plugins is Digg Digg. This will allow you to place your social icons where ever you would love to.

• Digg plugin can be used to retweet and for reuse.

2. Edit Flow:

• In this, we have a plugin called Editorial Calendar that has drag and drop options for an eye–cache vision.

• Edit Flow plugin that allows your workflow modernized in content marketing.

• It has the functionality and modules like calendars, editorial metadata, and notifications.

3. SumoMe:

• SumopMe has a pack of plugins for content marketing.

• They are Content Analytics to know how many people are reading your content.

• Image shared plugin uses for placing social media buttons on images.

4. Subscriber pro:

• Ever marketer focus on building emails in content marketing.

• WordPress Subscriber Pro is one of the important plugins that have attractive designs, toolkits, and pop-up previews.

5. OptinMonster:

• This monster allows the builder to create responsive designs, and it’s easy to use.

• It targets some specific pages and calculates the behavior of the user that can easily measure the growth rate.

6. Thrive Leads:

• This Thrive leads mainly concentrates on email subscriptions that will measure the huge growth rate.

• This plugin provides predefined tools that will increase the look of your site with customized options

• Here if you’re focusing on content marketing hosting services, this plugin improves users’ conversations.

7. Bloom:

• Blooms are a completely responsive plugin that gives responsive designs and customized options to place.

• This plugin mainly used in mobile phones and sites.

• Blooms have triggered properties that convert most of the users to convert as subscribers.

8. Custom Notifications:

• If you want to promote anything with content use should use Custom Notification bar plugin in content marketing,

• It is completely My theme shop that has different functions like social sharing, emails, and offers notifications. It includes HTML support also.

9. Zedity:

• Zodity is a multimedia plugin easy to create posts for bloggers in content marketing.

• This plug allows editors a friendly, simplify, and a shifty way of content in your site.

10. Another Related Posts Plugin(YARPP):

• This plugin stops to allow the users negative posts in your blog.

• YARPP is placed some thumbnails end of your posts to secure your content.

• If you are installing WordPress themes, this plugin is highly recommended.

Video Encoding using WordPress Plugin

Video encoding can also be called as Transcoding the video. The encoding helps the creators to access their content to the audience using different device formats.

Video encoding plays a significant role in digital marketing and video advertising because the video must reach a larger audience across the globe.

But, we cannot say that everyone was using the same format and the same devices. So, the video must be compatible with the web players as well as the device player formats. Thus, video encoding is compulsory.

The encoding formats

The encoding formats are different from different devices and web players. There are tablets, laptops, mobile devices, computers, and many other gadgets that are in use to access the video.

So, the video content must be transformed accordingly basing on the devices, and then only the viewer can able to watch the particular content without any interruption.

Video encoding with WordPress

Encoding of the video with WordPress plug-in allows the users to have the ease and quick access to add a video to the computer or any other device.

WordPress is the most used plug-in in the video encoding process. The word press plug-in is straightforward to use and has simple settings without complicated customized settings.

The video can be easily uploaded to the page, and fast transcoding is also possible, and the transcoded video can be uploaded to the FTP. significant

The video appears on the blog spot or your concerned page automatically after the conversion with the WordPress plug-in.

8 Best Ways Digital Marketers Can Use WordPress more Productively

Whether you are going to develop an online property or building a website for you or your client, WordPress is the best way to do it.

There are several reasons why marketers are using WordPress for the content management system and Search engine optimization.

The main goal of every marketer is to increase the visibility of the site, so most chose open source like WordPress to streamline and simplify the site creation.

Search Engine Optimization:

In the process of Optimizing your website, we use some keywords, phrases, and links. With WordPress, you can significantly improve SEO skills using different plugging.

The success of an organization depends on rapidly empowered to make changes to the contents and selections of editors. WordPress SEO can also be used to tag links on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing proves that how your website is valuable to the targeted audience. WordPress makes it more comfortable to edit and change the content on your website.

WordPress is the best way for content marketing in CMS. Social media channels use content marketing to promote their sites with the precious contents.

Website Portals:

WordPress has a verity of Plugging that enhances the functionality of the website portals. It has the IMIS plug-in that helps to improve the membership needs.

Organizations can turn their websites into the portal where members of the community and clients use their information quickly. All small scale and medium organizations use to promote their brands easily.

Google Analytics:

WordPress has many built-in default management tools that will measure data back to back.

There are many Plugins available that will enhance the traffic to your website. With this plug-in, you can view from which region your site is locating and in how much ranked.

Responsive Themes:

Google differs responsive themes over nonresponsive themes in digital marketing.

If your site is fully responsive and it has mobile compatibility, then your organization place top role in the digital world.

With secure hosting services, endless themes, and plugins in WordPress make your business grow easier.

Social Media Marketing:

WordPress incorporates trend watching, are diversified. The WordPress integrates social media buttons on every page to give their feedback and leave their comments so that you will get more traffic.

Youtube channels and Instagram should be required for every campaign.

Email Marketing:

All the bloggers and businessperson know that best-converting tools were emailed.

Email marketing is a sophisticated way of digital marketing. Different WordPress plugins available for email marketers are Mail chimp and OptinMonstis examples.

Affiliate Marketing:

One of the easiest and scalable ways to make money in online marketing is affiliate marketing. Using fully responsive WordPress themes, we can easily affiliate our site and get a commission from affiliate marketers. WordPress themes are optimized for affiliate marketing like e-commerce sites.

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