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Top 15 WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketing

Top 15 WordPress Plugins For Social Media Marketing

Nowadays social media plays a crucial role in online business as well as offline business.All the website developers are integrating social sharing buttons for promoting their products and to get the huge source of traffic to their websites.

There are amazing WordPress plugins available in the market for free as well as paid plugins. Here we can see top 10 WordPress plugins for social media marketing.

1. Monarch by Elegant Themes:

• Monarch is one of the best paid social media plugins for elegant themes.

• Monarch lets to allow you to place social sharing buttons in various place on the website and allows you to place in mobile sites also.

2. Jetpack:

• Jetpack has a capacity to add many features to your blog.

• It includes 34 modules and is automatically added to your site.

• It supports social media buttons, emails as well as printing button options.

3. Social Buzz WordPress plugin:

• This plugin Increases social shares and share rates with the help of social sharing buttons.

• It has other powerful features like modern style sheets for designers and lean code for faster loading.

4. Soassy Plug-in:

• This plugin provides options for creating high level responsive social profiles for a website.

• Sossy gives you manageable display options, changeable styles and drag and drop arrangements for social media sites.

5. SharePlus(+): 

• Share plus gives you professional experience with free made responsive themes.

• It is user-friendly social media plugin that even new Word press user can use it quickly and easily.

6. Social Warfare Plug-in:

• The ultimate social sharing arsenal and simple, eye-catching social buttons for your website.

• It comes with 100% fully responsive layouts with analytical integration that makes your site attractive.

• It allows you print rest images to upload and fast performance.

7. Social share And Locker Pro WordPress Plugin:

• Promotes your WP website to grow your traffic with best social share system.

• It is the ultra modern plugin to advertise your content on social media platforms.

• In this you can place your icons where ever you want, it provides you 10 predefined themes.

8. SumoMe plugin:

• SumoMe plugin allows you the quick and easy way to add shares to your website.

• If it is bloated your website performance becomes slow.

9. Socializer:

• It handles to most important functionalities like super flexibility and multiple color schemes.

• Socialize is easy to set up and with user-friendly interface to the user.

• It provides easy social media share buttons and social media profile buttons.

10. Ultimate social Deux:

• Ultimate social Deux is an optimal solution that won’t bog down your website.

• It gives features like Ajax send mail, bootstrap, many display options and short code.

11. Flow –Flow WordPress plugin:

• It is a super impressive social stream plugin helps you to operate important social media activity like grid layouts.

• It is smart catching and gives the stunning modern look to your website.

12. Share Button By Add To Any:

• This is advanced WordPress plugin with lots of customized options.

• Add To Any plugin has over 100+ share buttons to track your social media traffic in Google analytics.

13. Shareaholic:

• It is free WordPress plugin for social media share buttons and it is versatile.

• This is mainly used for customizing your social media share icons homepage, top, bottom and in the middle of the page etc.

14. Easy social Share plug-in:

• This plugin supports more than 20+ social media networks. Many bloggers use this plugin for their personal blogs.

• This plugin consists of predefined templates and handy customized options for the WordPress users.

15. Social Fans:

• It allows the followers to subscribe from different social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and much more.

• It gives additional features like 24/7 customer support, light, and fast, automatically integrated APIs.


In social media marketing having social media buttons in your become need and its very important thing. There are a huge number of social media WordPress plugins available that will make a drastic change to your website. You should be wise and clever enough while selecting a WordPress plugins.

Kiran Voleti

Kiran Voleti is an Entrepreneur , Digital Marketing Consultant , Social Media Strategist , Internet Marketing Consultant, Creative Designer and Growth Hacker.

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