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Marketing Automation : Guide to Digital Marketing Automation Tools 2019

Marketing Automation : Guide To Digital Marketing Automation Tools 2019

Do you want to break the bond of success grid in the business sales using Marketing Automation?

Are you tired of doing the manual work to engage the customers?

Don’t you find the best tool to run effective campaigns to reach the clients?

The only solution for every query we raised above is “ Marketing Automation Strategy.”

Just have a look below to know-how.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation Process is nothing but the process that has involved in doing the ultimate marketing primarily through a software platform that can be done automatically.

This generates potential customers by marketing through social media and other online services. In this path, the marketers will clutch the customers by disclosing big deals or offers.

Top Marketing Automation Tools


This can launch efficient email marketing and place multiple, frequently searched campaigns in one place. This will also notify the report of the ROI.

Depending on the customer preference, push the email notifications, applies A/B testing, and the conversion rate can be tracked easily.


It gives potential leads by engaging them with the ultimate creation of the content. It provides real-time information to the customers that build a healthy relationship.


It can easily report the ROI and manages both campaigns and email marketing simultaneously. This can easily trace the visitors who have visited the website.


This can quickly build social media customer growth by sharing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter by engaging the audience.

Advantages of Marketing Automation

    • Automatic functioning of the scheduled categories like call-to-action and pushing email notifications to the customers can be done.
    • The cost of maintaining this marketing automation software is probably cheap, which minimizes manual stress.
    • The time taken for the lead conversion can be diminished by using this software.
    • The issues through manual activity can be eliminated.
    • This will be an easy way to gain leads in a short period.
    • The scheduling of the sharable posts on social media sites can be done efficiently without human presence.

10 Ways to Master in Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing is one of how the target audience can be selected to show the advertising. The target audience can be chosen based on age, social standing, location, gender, etc. The ads can be limited to appear for the only limited number of times for limited days. showing the ads to the target audience will be more productive and is also cost-saving.

Is Programmatic Marketing different?

In this process, automated bidding is done on advertising so that the ad is shown to the only target customer. The buying of ad space, placement and optimization are all done by computers and not manually.

Know more about Programmatic Marketing

1.Create quality content that needs to be shown on various channels and devices.

2.Identity the audience. This can be done by using the real-time data and market research.

3.If advertisements are not placed properly, these will not be very effective, programmatic marketing provides many opportunities and the advertisers’ only pay for the views their targeted customers view.

4.Programmatic marketing goes to where the marketer wants its advertisement to go and it can analyze data and try to improve itself.

5.The campaign performance adjustments are done by the programmatic marketing automatically and the marketer can focus instead on making the campaign more creative.

6.Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to analyze the data in real time by programmatic marketing.

7.Marketers looking for strong Return on Investment on their digital marketing campaigns can opt programmatic marketing as this helps to reach the potential customers and convert to sales.

8.Programmatic marketing works twenty-four hours a day, around the clock and measure the performance of the digital marketing campaign.

9.Programmatic marketing makes spending and resources more efficient.

10.Programmatic marketing is going to be the future of digital marketing, according to experts.

Best Marketing Automation for B2B Sales

Most of the B2B companies which are utilizing the marketing automation for B2B sales are attaining efficient sales by spending low budget, and this turns long-lasting B2B marketing growth.

The lead generation of B2B marketing has been increased rapidly.

The engagement of the clients can be raised, which gives high revenue sales.

The reach of the customers through the campaign can be done by taking advanced measures.

The marketing automation generates the best customer experience while disclosing the products, tools, or services.

In the presence of personalized B2B marketing, it will give an idea to recognize the available paths.

Best Marketing Automation for B2C Sales

Most of the marketers are choosing the path of marketing automation to engage the clients by launching the last campaigns that help in getting potential B2C sales.

The marketing automation will study the launched campaigns, including the rate of conversion.

This will assign advanced ideas to reach clients with efficient social media strategies.

With those campaigns, the engagement of the audience will be raised, which turns them into the customers and expand the conversion.

This shows a significant impact on customers by genuinely providing efficient products and services.

Marketing Automation Trends 2019

    • Cent percent of businesses will adapt to use the marketing automation as some are not aware of the marketing automation trends.
    • The development of advanced techniques in marketing automation will be done.
    • Progressive firms will be implemented then the regular format.
    • Marketing automation will be the most seeking tool for every company in making sales.
    • The growth of digital services for marketing will be increased.
    • I am targeting clients with a combination of marketing automation and predictive analytics.
    • B2B marketing sales can be made successfully by targeting aimed business clients.
    • Artificial intelligence will play the lead role in marketing automation by intimating the marketer about customer preferences, launched campaigns, and feeding the customers with relevant campaigns.


The given article will provide the complete details of marketing automation in the category of marketing. If you are not aware of using it at your business strategy, then immediately implement it to observe the radical change in the routine of your business environment.

How are successful businesses different from other not so successful companies? We know there can be many factors for this, and one of them is marketing automation. Marketing automation has proved to increase the conversion rate and also the revenues for most companies.

Most companies prefer email marketing for increasing their conversions, but there are chances that they may be marketing to people who are not interested in their product and services and consider these promotions emails as spam.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is using software to make the marketing process automatic — tools and tactics used for automating the marketing process help to perform the tasks quickly and effectively. For marketing automation, the data is collected from various channels that can influence the decision of the buyers.

Marketing automation software is the platform that allows the automation of repetitive tasks in marketing departments. The criteria are specified, and the software interprets, stores, and executes the process. Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, Act-On, Lead Square, Real Magnet are few popular marketing automation software.

Marketing automation software selection does not require the person to have technological knowledge. Carefully research the market of marketing automation software. Identify your requirements. Rank the software systems based on the live demonstrations and the price of them. Before finalizing the automation software, review the software license agreement.

Marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools are designed to help handle the marketing processes and to understand the audience better. Among the most popular tools are HubSpot, HootSuite, Pardot, etc. There are many fans for the HubSpot tool, as it is an all in one platform.

This helps in increasing website traffic, understanding the behavior of the audience better, etc. The closed-loop reporting helps to know the active marketing activities and what times are most effective in using them. Hootsuite is another tool, and the marketers can use it to post their status update on multiple networks.

HootSuite saves the time of the marketer and manages social media engagement well.

Pardot is another marketing tool, and this helps in tracking visitors to the site, increasing leads and content conversion, etc. Marketo is another popular marketing automation tool that is loved by people as it can integrate well with other devices. It can be used along with Google Analytics WordPress etc.

Marketing automation strategy

Marketing automation strategy is said to be successful when the key goals are reached. A well-developed strategy should help in increasing leads, sales opportunities, revenue, and also sales productivity.

Marketing automation software is used to send client emails, automatic website updates, and publishing social media posts. This helps in keeping regular contacts with the customers.

However, a good marketing automation strategy should follow some tips. Marketing automation must help us to save time. But that does not mean that you should not check it regularly to ensure there are no errors in the process.

Regularly collect the insights and, if required, lower the frequency of automatic messages you are delivering to your subscribers so that your messages are not considered spam. Create high-quality content and give it to your subscribers. The content can be any form such as videos, articles, guides, etc. test the automation process regularly and try to improve the performance of it.

Guide to Digital Marketing Automation

Digital marketing automation has a strong relation to email marketing. This software automatically performs repetitive tasks and helps minimize the errors of humans; it can manage complexity also. The selection of digital marketing automation software depends on individual requirements. Some may be better at emails, some in analytics, and some may be very simple to use.

Digital Marketing Automation

Using digital marketing automation has become essential in today’s competitive digital marketing world. This helps in understanding the leads. The marketer can easily find what the leads are viewing, what forms they are filling, and which emails they opened, etc.

The insights of how the lead is responding to content etc. can be found with the help of digital marketing automation. A critical benefit of using marketing automation is the lead scoring. We can get the data about website traffic, search trends, social media, and other details and use the data to increase the ROI, SEO ranking, and satisfaction of customers.

Digital Marketing Automation Tools

There are many marketing automation tools available. Finding the right tool for marketers is a bit difficult. Here are some of the popular automation tools.

• A Marketo tool is flexible and can analyze millions of data points. It offers several features with the help of a robust partner ecosystem.

• HubSpot tool is perfect for not so big and small size businesses. Customer satisfaction is high with this tool. Its popularity is because of its flexibility, CTA building, and lead scoring apart from SEO tools.

• HootSuite is another marketing automation tool that allows content to be published on multiple social sites, and this process saves a lot of time.

• Pardot is another marketing automation platform that is an all-around marketing tool.

Digital Marketing Automation Trends

Digital marketing automation is not new, but it started flourishing in recent years. Most small and big businesses that have their online presence started using the marketing automation system. The interest in marketing automation is growing, and more and more companies are planning to use it shortly, according to Google Trends.

Most businesses are not using digital marketing automation, and thus, it has excellent potential to expand in the future. Most of those who use the system have not used the entire feature in it, and this shows that the best results with the automation system are yet to be enjoyed by them.

Digital marketing automation is a difficult subject to understand. Most of the marketers do not use all the available tools and so do not find the effectiveness of them. Marketing automation helps to understand the customer well, and the businesses that understand the customer will be successful.

Customers now want businesses to understand them more. They expect to know the companies to know more details about them. An automated campaign helps to personalize the relationship with the customer.

Digital marketing automation need not be used just as a tool for marketing. It can be a helpful tool for both marketing and sales. In the coming days, business is going to invest more in automation for their marketing but also their sales strategies.

People will look for a fully integrated system as having an embedded system is more beneficial than to have different methods for doing different things. In the coming years, location-based automation is going to be much more critical. This is because of the GPS technology in smartphones and tablets, and when the customer is ready to share their location, there is no point in businesses not using this to their advantage.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Automation Tools

The digital automation tools reduce the general human errors in different tasks that are commonly performed as part of digital marketing strategic practices and plans. The human errors mat sometimes leads to a waste of time and money.

So to reduce human errors in digital marketing, the marketing automation tools will help the marketers to reach their goals without any mistakes by managing the complexity and optimize the efforts with automation tools. Here are some ten different digital marketing automation tools that are helpful in marketing.


Marketo is one of the automation tools which offers customer tracking, marketing automation, and real-time personalization, which help the marketers in email marketing and measuring the campaigns and managing the campaigns. It also boosts lead generation sales and helps in search marketing and website tracking along with mobile personalization.


CustomerIO targets the personal messages to the customers basing on the interactions with the business. It gets integrated with your website and apps. It has flexible segmentation and A/B testing along with other features.


AdRoll is a widely used automation tool that helps in are engaging the leads across social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Its key features are Cross-device and cross-platform targeting, along with full control over ad spend.


Canterris accelerates the sales and provide better marketing solutions and helps the marketers to manage the content and campaigns and optimization along with market analytics.


Bremy offers multi-channel publishing and marketing. It provides advanced digital asset management along with management and creation of email and other marketing campaigns.


OutMarket automates the workflow and helps in campaign management and integrates the data.

7.BuzzBuilder Pro

BuzzBuilder Pro helps marketers in advanced email campaigning and automation. It also boosts the tracking and analysis, along with social media marketing and rankings.


Salesfusion bridges marketing and sales. It is best for mid-sized businesses. It helps marketers in social marketing and managing and campaign management also.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing automation tool that helps the business to transform their digital marketing with lead generation sales and content marketing automation and management of the campaigns


eTrigue is the best automation tool designed for marketers for managing live email and web tracking with CRM integration along with comprehensive reporting and automation.

Businesses can not ignore marketing automation for improving conversions, productivity, etc. Irrespective of the size, every business is now taking advantage of marketing automation. However, it is necessary to regularly check if the automated content is being delivered correctly to the right people at the right time or not.

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